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Bremont’s New Limited-Edition Masterpiece:A Poetic Tribute of Jaguar E-Type

Bremont’s New Limited-Edition Masterpiece:A Poetic Tribute of Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type is an automotive specimen that epitomizes the glamour and radiance of the swinging 60s with its elegant shape. It became a symbol of luxury, quickly escalating to a must-have, voguish status among the exclusive fraternity of collectors, celebrities, and star athletes. The car’s fan club was dominated by Tony Curtis, Donald Campbell, George Best, Sid James.

Bremont’s New Limited-Edition Masterpiece:A Poetic Tribute of Jaguar E-Type

It is no surprise that Enzo Ferrari, the ‘l’Ingegnere’ himself, graciously dubbed the Jaguar masterstroke as the ‘most beautiful car ever made’.

Citing such a glorious history and an illustrious opportunity to commemorate the vintage model on Jaguar E-type’s 60th anniversary, Bremont marked the occasion with a tribute of their own. A new limited-edition timepiece magnum opus to match the iconic nature of the Jaguar E-Type!

Bremont’s collection envelopes two timepieces with imprints of the car’s original design, giving inspiration to the whole elaborate design process.

One of the prominent features of this piece of art is the dial, with black vintage instrument gauges that were a part of the Jaguar E-Type’s dashboard. The design influences do not end here.

The chamfered hour and minute hands exquisitely mimic the car’s tachometer needle. The watch’s winding crown adorns the pattern engraved on the Dunlop tires that the E-Type flaunted in reality ever since it auditioned on the Geneva Motor Show in 1961 with a thunderclap.

The pushers on the crown further amplify the homage being paid to the model by replicating the pistons, mimicking the dynamics of the inspirational car.

The sweeping references to the E-Type are not just restricted to the frontal design of the watch. The back case is furnished with a similar trademark finish inspired by the car, with an automatic winding rotor made transparent through the sapphire crystal case back.

The back is a reminder of the alloy-spoked steering of the E-Type, which became an iconic representation of everything fine that represented the model’s curve of popularity among the collectors and the bespoke fraternity of its era.

On top of the design, Bremont’s distinct, introductory rally timer incorporates two mechanical instruments in a single piece, a clock with sub-seconds on the right and a stopwatch with a tachymeter on the left. Inscribed on a backplate adroitly shaped to depict an engine, the collection immaculately pays homage to the exquisite Jaguar E-Type Model.

Beyond the design, the watch is artfully made in 43mm stainless steel, further incorporating two colour options to add to the vintage feel of the watch. The colours named as “Drop Everything Green,” and “Flat Out Grey” not only embellish the bezel encircling the dial but also work wonders on the 22mm Jaguar leather strap, giving an overall classy look to the timepieces.

Each set of colour would consist of 60 editions apiece, giving a limited opportunity to own not only this $16,495 beauty, but also an exclusive experience for the customer to drive three exquisite Jaguar E-Types at the Jaguar’s Fen End facility.

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