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France- Diving into Traditions and Astonishing Landscapes

France was always the most romantic country in the world. Its capital Paris attracts tourists from all around the world. The modern towns, the sandy beaches and blue waters are something to be experienced and to be enjoyed to the fullest. Today we present you France from a different perspective- the most charming villages where you can enjoy – diving into traditions and astonishing landscapes.

  • Riquewihr– Nestled in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains in the heart of Alsace’s vineyards, Riquewihr sprang up between the 13th and 16th centuries, and luckily, the fairy tale town looks much like it did 400 years ago.
  • Saint-Cirq-Lapopie-Perched high on a clifftop overlooking the meandering River Lot, the medieval village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is not only a member of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France but steeped in history, and home to 13 listed buildings.
  • Collonges-la-Rouge– What makes Collonges-La-Rouge stand out from France’s picture-perfect villages is its unique architecture – all of its houses are built from local red sandstone.
  • Veules-Les-Roses– Thought to be one of the oldest villages in the Pays de Caux, the seaside hamlet of Veules-Les-Roses has been inhabited since the 4th century and is highly regarded as one of Normandy’s prettiest spots.
  • Perouges– Located a few miles northeast of Lyon in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, the beautiful walled town of Perouges rose to prominence in the late medieval period when its weaving and wine-making industry thrived.
  • Piana– Perched on clifftops high above the beautiful blue expanse of the Gulf of Porto, Piana is a coastal Corsican gem. L’église de Sainte Marie, a church built in the late 18th century, dominates the pretty village and is home to beautiful paintings by artist Paul-Mathieu Novellini.
  • Locronan– An official Petite Cité de Caractère en Bretagne, the charming village of Locronan is brimming with Breton culture. From the 15th century onwards, the town was an important sailcloth manufacturing hub and many of Locronan’s finest architecture.
  • Etretat– Clustered around a sheltered bay on Normandy’s beautiful Alabaster Coast, Étretat is best known for the dramatic rock arches sculpted into white cliffs that surround the village and immortalized in the works of artists like Claude Monet.
  • Gerberoy– With its narrow cobbled streets and picture-perfect cottages dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, it’s hard to deny Gerberoy’s charm. Painter Henri le Sidaner found Gerberoy so charming that he bought a house there and created a beautiful rose garden, kick-starting an important trend for the town.
  • Saint-Veran– Located in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Queyras in the French Alps, Saint-Véran– with an altitude of 2,000m – is the highest commune in all of France.
  • Ars-en-Re– Located on the northwestern tip of Île de Re – the beautiful island off the western coast of France – Ars-en-Re is an idyllic seaside retreat boasting both charm and culture.

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