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GDC Luxury, The Ultimate Luxury Connoisseur

GDC Luxury, The Ultimate Luxury Connoisseur is one of Dubai’s largest and most prestigious interior design studios. The company, which is now based in both Milan and Dubai, has staked its claim as one of the most authentic celebrators of modern-day luxury design.

The company’s principal values involve building a trusting relationship with its clients, encouraging an atmosphere of hard work amongst employees, and devoting heart and soul towards the completion of projects. The upholding of these values has allowed the company to expand greatly over the years, into the development of commercial, residential and even hospitality projects.

Over the years, GDC Luxury has completed some impressive projects, which play a testament to the company’s expertise and creativity. The design studio has made a name for itself in the world of decorating villas, giving life and purpose to these luxurious residences.

The Villa Vaw is a noteworthy mention from among the many impressive endeavors undertaken by GDC Luxury; this particular residence was designed in a particularly diverse manner, with animal print floors and polished, brass sliding doors. The color palette and intricate details, such as plant-elements and careful sand lines, were used to create a ‘natural’ atmosphere.

The Villa Yay is an excellent example of one of GDC Luxury’s more lavish designs. The furniture which found its place in this spectacular home is nothing short of royal, where each chair and table boasts its own majestic flair. Modern materials have been used in combination with a slightly vintage touch of design, to achieve the perfect marriage between modern-day elegance and timeless beauty. An intense, artistic color palette was chosen to add to the magnificence of the rooms – the vibrant hues are further appreciated thanks to the installment of luxurious, modern lighting pieces.

Irrespective of the specifics of the project, GDC Luxury always succeeds in delivering results that exceed expectations. The company’s creative instinct and professional drive allow it to breathe life into buildings through innovative, artful designs.

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