Kitchen Appliances to Vie For

Kitchen Appliances to Vie For SMEG and Dolce Gabbana have jointly introduced new products for kitchen appliances, teaming up to create an entire art museum for your kitchen. The perfect way to make your dull looking kitchen explode with vibrant colors and exotic ceramic designs is by getting your hands on the Sicily Is My Love appliances designed by Dolce Gabbana and produced by Smeg collectively. The Italian duo has announced several designer devices including the vibrantly colored stand mixer as well as the four-slice toaster soaked in a myriad of bold colors and tales of old traditions.

The stand mixer’s dramatic splashes of color and exuberance create an aesthetically alluring sight to look at with its fusion of bold shades of yellow and fierce red. The delicately positioned floral motifs further adhere to the lively summer theme of the collection.

The mixer comes with a simply designed metallic 5-quart bowl with a mirror finish and a handle attached to it. The $1500 device also includes a spatula as well as a flat beater, making it very handy to use along with it being a decorative piece. You can buy it from Bergdorf Goodman at

Moreover, the Dolce x Smeg 4-slice toaster also adheres to a bright and bold theme of colorful delicacy. This $850 piece can also be bought from

Its retro design consists of brilliantly blended motifs and ancient traditional inspired art, produced by Smeg with Dolce and Gabbana’s unique touch.

Signifying the symbol of Sicily, these terracotta pots have created an elevated version of beauty with tradition and have gracefully decorated many kitchens.

The collaboration has combined their artistic senses into producing adroitly brilliant, authentically antique Sicily inspired pieces of kitchen appliances. Who would have thought there would be a time when we’d be obsessing over how beautiful kitchen appliances could be? The brands have created a new era of extravagance and luxurious lifestyle by taking a different approach to home appliances. The collection has two narratives; Sicilian Puppet Theater and traditionally painted carts with bright splashes of oranges and red inspire the first while the second representation is mainly inspired by the majolica in tones of blue and white.

The traditions and beautiful Sicilian landscapes are delicately possessed in these priceless objects in such a genuine and artistic way, bringing the Italian culture to life with the help of Dolce and Gabbana’s creative sensibilities. The geometric shapes demonstrate an entire story with its imagery and contrasting use of colors including the illustration of fruits such as lemons and cherries as patterned motifs on the appliances – paying homage to traditional Italian culture.

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