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Omega Launches Ladies Novelty Timepieces

Luxury can occur in all forms. It can be personified in the shape of a resplendent penthouse at Madison Avenue, NY, or it can offer itself in the warmth of the mother’s love.

The Swiss giant has unraveled a line of extravagant watches that signify the magnanimity associated with the name Omega but also exudes a luxurious femininity that befits a queen.

The Swiss luxury brand has brought its elaborate craftsmanship and expertise in immortalizing the palpable instances of celebrations and emotions to this exclusive watch line. It is truly embodied in the brand’s new temporal masterpieces.

These exquisite Omega timepieces present a glorious opportunity to acknowledge and reciprocate the unbounded affection of that special someone in your life.

Instead of a single day, Omega wishes to commemorate women eternally with this line.

Constellation Small Seconds

Constellation has long remained the symbol of exclusiveness, with its highly intrinsic detail and attention to beauty with exquisite craftsmanship.

The journey which transpired in 1952 is still going strong, a facet which is exemplified with the new line of Small Seconds.

Following the long tradition of guaranteeing exquisite beauty, the range offers a tantalizing enhancement in the shape of extra diamonds. This sense of luxury is glamorously exalted with the grandeur of options available in the shape of stainless steel, 18K Sedna gold or a seamless combination of both.

The bezels on the top of the case cut a striking figure with the celestial constellation of 38 fully trimmed diamonds adorning the bezel surface in a finely designed circle.

The same exquisite appearance is adopted within the Roman Numerals with the enveloping circles of diamonds graciously decorating the dial, which further augments the whole precious feel of the watch.

he exclusive color palettes like the mother of pearl and sun-brushed burgundy provide a perfect background to match the extravagant nature of the timepiece.

To further follow the ingenuity exhibited with the artful use of the diamonds, the watch offers the much-coveted flexibility in the shape of vibrant classic leather straps or the signature full metal versions that have become somewhat of a signature of this exquisite Omega timepiece line. A match that truly embodies the luxury of mother’s love.

Seamaster Aqua Terra

The tranquility of the sea, it is the mantra that has been mastered with this elegant Omega timepiece personified with the wave design pattern glamorously embellished on the dial.

The Aqua Terra exudes prominence and a unique sense of magnanimity, which is further heightened by the exquisite use of the lustrous appearance of the finely cut diamonds on the bezel on the case.

This delicate pattern translates into the dial, with the 11 marquise-cut diamonds employed for exhibiting a truly luxurious look to the timepiece. This pattern can be further accompanied by the nude dial or a simple pink dial adorned with the 11 marquise-cut ruby markers for denoting the hours.

Seamaster Aqua Terra is not just about luxury; it is also about the harmony that its perfectly symmetrical and artfully polished case exudes. The 18K Sedna gold and the stainless steel options offer variety, making the exquisite timepiece a glorious proposition as a gift to a very special lady.

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