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Prada Group’s Pasticceria Marchesi opens in Mayfair London

Prada Group’s Pasticceria Marchesi opens in Mayfair London Café Patiscceria Marchesi, a renowned Milan Café chain, has opened its doors in Mayfair, London. Marchesi has built a prestigious name for itself over the year, and is one of Milan’s oldest cafes. The Prada Group, which became one of the establishment’s primary shareholders in 2014, encouraged this recent expansion endeavor.

Credited to its age and prestige, the Marchesi has a rich, extensive history following the years of its establishment. The Pasticceria Marchesi was founded back in 1824, in the heart of Milan. In the twentieth century, the store took an important step forward in introducing drinks, cocktails and coffee to the menu. This strategic move helped the business grow immensely in the years over the years to come.

The Marchesi in London is a modest 70 square meters that pay tribute to the architectural beauty of the building in which it was designed by retaining the intricate details of the ceilings and walls.

The store has a cozy yet sophisticated, vintage theme, complete with elegant, artistic furniture and an impressive product display. The polished tables are made of top-quality marble, surrounded by a careful assortment of green velvet armchairs.

The café offers customers the Marchesi brand’s coffee of choice, its renowned 100% Arabica roasted beans. The bakery items, which include soft, flavourful cream cakes and adventurous tartlets, are handcrafted by the Marchesi’s excellent chefs. An assortment of popular pastries is prepared in Milan and then baked in the Marchesi London. The store provides a variety of traditional Italian favorites including vibrant-colored sugared almonds and fondant-covered candies. To top it all off, the store has a one-of-a-kind tea room at the back, designed especially to provide customers with a unique tea-tasting experience.

The Prada Group has certainly taken the prestigious Marchesi brand in an interesting direction, which promises a fruitful future full of innovation and creative growth.