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Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville- A Delicate Dining Experience

Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville- A Delicate Dining Experience

Private jet fliers made it clear- the ultimate restaurant that took the throne for a top restaurant in 2019 is-Restaurant de I’Hotel de Ville in Crissier, Switzerland.
Franck Giovannini took over as head chef of the restaurant in 2016 and has spent 24 years in the elite kitchen. Together with 25 chefs, he changes the menu 5 times each year to achieve the magnificent dining experience on the planet.

Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville- A Delicate Dining Experience
Restaurant de I’Hotel de Ville

Apart from the delicacies that he offered in the kitchen, the chef tries to maintain the welcoming home atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment in any bite.
“It’s like home,” Giovannini said. “La Maison is home. I feel at home here. People feel really comfortable here. It’s very professional, of course, but when I have new guests come here, they all expect something very cold where people don’t talk to you, and we’re not like that at all.”

Restaurant de I’Hotel de Ville

The restaurant has five different rooms, four of them named after the previous chefs who run the restaurant kitchen and made an impressive impact. “Every chef who worked here did something new in his time,” Giovannini said. “What he created and the style that he brought was never here before.”
For a 3 Michelin Star hotel, as this one is we expect nothing less than perfection in the kitchen and dishes made to satisfy our gourmet taste. Apart from the local cuisine, the restaurant also offers French, European, and Vegan Options as well as gluten-free options.
Up to us is to visit and dive into the delights of the chef and his colleagues, and of course to enjoy the beautiful ambiance.

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