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The 10 Best Attractions to visit in Greece

Greece – the epitome of grace, culture, and historic integrity; a country of wonders imbued with sparkle and elan. Of course, the beauty of Greece is not only confined within its geographical structure but preserves its true essence in the crevices of ancient ruins; vibrant beaches, unparalleled cuisines, and lively atmosphere. In addition to this, there are a plethora of exquisite luxury islands accommodations in Greece that will fulfill your every desire.

It comes off as no surprise that Greece is one of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions, and we are here to prove why. Here you find our selection of the 10 Best Attractions to visit in Greece.

1. Greek Islands

Starting with a bang, Greek Islands are rich in their exotic aura, attracting packs of tourists each year, landing them as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world! With over 2,000 islands, it is safe to say travellers have quite a lot of options on the table. Though what seems like a tedious task becomes the most valued decision once you have set foot in the magical domains of these glorious islands. One of them is Santorini – home to the luxurious hotel, Kivotos. Located at the peak of Caldera, Kivotos Santorini provides tourists with exclusive accommodation, supplemented by the Volcano’s panoramic view. If that isn’t historic enough, recreate the 1960s luxury feel at Mykonos Theoxenia this summer, which is perched on a national heritage site. Enjoy Aris Kostantinides’ architectural masterpiece while you look onto the iconic white windmills from your balcony.

Though if you prefer modernity instead of historic grandeur, we have suggestions for you as well! Mykonos offers visitors a warm cosmopolitan environment that withholds the excellence of modernity as well as the peace of nature. Kivotos Mykonos is a private beach that stays true to the Mykonos aura – with swimming pools, fitness centres and luxury spa facilities, enjoy the taste of exclusivity blended within the culture.

One must also mention Rhodes, the largest island and capital of the Dodecanese archipelago, mainly known for its historical value and mesmerizing beaches.

2. Athens

It is a fact that most of us have heard this name before, either in classic Greek literature or in an article talking about all the wonders that Greece possesses. Either way, its history goes back 3,000 years and is commonly regarded as a symbol of democracy and western civilization. This particular city exhibits contextual accuracy mixed with seeds of modernism, which makes it all the more compelling for one to explore its mysterious nature.

Our top hotel recommendation for Athens would be Perianth Hotel, where tourists have access to retro-themed restaurants, hip bars, and gracefully designed suites. Although engulfed in a mystifying scent, the city is most known for its monuments and archaeological ruins, including the Theatre of Dionysus, Ancient Agora, Parthenon, and Acropolis.

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3. Crete

Next up, Crete is the largest Greek Island that stays true to its traditional Greek elements. A huge land possessing the ancient traces of several past civilizations is definitely something to marvel at. The historical significance is tangibly laced around its picturesque coastline and uniquely structured landscape. 

4. Meteora

In theory, the literal translation of Meteora is ‘in the middle of the sky’ and rightly so because Meteora is technically floating in mid-air. These cliffs rise over 1200 feet above the ground, providing its citizens with a view that compares to no other. What supplement Meteora’s geographical exclusivity are the various historical monasteries tucked in along the apex of the city – essential must-visits. In essence, these were constructed by monks of the 16th century as symbols of spiritual liberation.

5. Delphi

Right behind the Acropolis of Athens, Delphi is yet another one of Greece’s top destinations. Contextually, this site was regarded as the earth’s centre by the ancient Greeks. Imperatively, since it was dedicated to Apollo, Delphi is particularly high in religious importance. Places that one must-see when visiting Delphi are the hippodrome, the Athenian Treasury, and of course, the Temple of Apollo. 

6. Peloponnese

Peloponnese with its unique structure of that like a leaf, it is interesting to note that it was formerly regarded as Morea, meaning mulberry leaf. Situated in the southern region of Greece, this massive peninsula is distributed with Mycenaean palaces, Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses, and traditional Greek temples. 

7. Halkidiki

Located near Thessaloniki, Halkidiki is especially known for its exquisite beaches. This particular region is popular amongst tourists mainly due to the seaside resorts and lively atmosphere. Namely, Ekies All Senses is a minimalistic, modern, and comfortable resort that offers exquisite Greek cuisine that you can enjoy in trendy settings.

8. Zagori

When it comes to natural grace, Zagori surely wins the contest. Its geological excellence provides visitors to unravel the raw beauty of mother nature. With dense forests and striking rivers accompanying traditional villages, it shelters lavish stone houses from as far as the 18th century. One can only wholeheartedly enjoy this region when hiking through the plethora of paths. For all those who have a knack for adventure, this one is for you!

9. Thessaloniki

As Greece’s second most-largest city, it is no surprise that Thessaloniki sports unforgettable social events, enthralling festivals, and exciting nightlife. This particular city acts as the equilibrium point between history and modernism from its art galleries, museums, exuberant food streets, to Turkish baths, and Byzantine walls.

10. Cape Sounion

Last but not least, we have Cape Sounion, a site that is known for possessing Poseidon, the ancient temple of Greece. The ruins make it a popular tourist attraction, especially for those who have heard ample tales of the God of the Sea.