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The Best Summer Sandals for Vacay Season in 2019

The Best Summer Sandals for Vacay Season in 2019 with summer rolling in, it’s time for big changes; to trade hot cocoa for citrus margaritas and those bulky boots for some light sandals. As far as footwear is concerned, this season promises to be a good one.

Prominent fashion houses such as Valentino, Marni, and Chloe have redefined footwear by adding their twist; thanks to these brands, vibrant feathers, and large buckles have found their way into sandal design. These runway showpieces are crafted perfectly to meet your individual needs; there’s desired footwear for everyone, whether you’re seeking comfort or a height-buff. If you’re just looking to shop for the sake of shopping, then you’re in for a treat too!

There is a large variety of comfortable, flat sandals designs to choose from, perfect to start the construction of your new summer wardrobe.

  1. Buy now: Maison Margiela Safety Strap platform runners, $740.
    Maison Margiela’s leather platform sandals are the perfect balance between style and comfort, with just the right hint of sparkles to brighten your wardrobe.
  2. Buy now: Valentino Garavani The Rockstud leather sandals, $975.
    Valentino’s brown rockstud leather sandals are a classic and will never go out of style. They are a summer staple bound to last you years.
  3. Buy now: Santoni leather slides, $680.
    Santoni’s black leather slides are designed for comfort and offer the wearer ease when walking longer distances.
  4. Buy now: Prada Cloudbust PVC sandals, $620.
    Going with the latest fashion trends, these Prada PVC sandals provide with a funky, yet sophisticated option for smooth, luxurious summer footwear.
  5. Buy now: Marni Studded Criss-cross Sandals in Leather, $1090.
    Marni’s studded leather sandals are one of the hottest picks of the season, with their colorful blue heel and sophisticated brown leather complemented by beautiful, radiant studs.
  6. Buy now: Manolo Blahnik Cooper Cherry Red Suede Drivers, $620.
    Keep things simple yet chic with Manolo Blahnik’s smart red loafers, crafted artfully in Italy.
  7. Buy now: Jimmy Choo Black Nappa Sandal with Crystal Buckles, $895.
    The aesthetically marvelous Jimmy Choo black Nappa sandals come with a molded sole that provides that extra cushioning for your soles.

If you were looking for a sign to head out and make a start on your summer wardrobe, then this is it! Go ahead and fill your shoe-cupboard up with the finest footwear that this season has to offer.