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The Most Outrageously Personalized Travel Experiences

The Most Outrageously Personalized Travel Experiences, Humans have, over the years, consistently found extravagant gestures through which they’ve expressed their love for one another. The wealthiest people of the time have been able to show their affection for their lovers through positively spectacular ways, such as erecting monuments or naming buildings after them.

In the current day and age, however, the top one richest percent have found a new way to show their love for their significant other – through personalized, luxurious travel experiences. You can turn a fantasy into reality with a good luxury travel agency and a heavy wallet; what better way to make something up to your lover than to whisk them off to a foreign land to live out a lavish, luxurious dream?

Here are some examples of extravagant gestures by the ultra-rich for their lovers on special occasions.

Themed Proposals

If you’re sure your partner loves you deeply, then perhaps it’s time to tie the knot. While your love is most certainly enough for him or her to say yes, what’s a little insurance, right? A themed proposal can be a grand gesture of your affection for your partner.

One lucky Anglophile lady received a Medieval Style proposal from her soon-to-be fiancée, during their history-themed tour of London. Within the Tower of London, she has had a perfect romantic dinner, with a customized menu of all her favorite dishes.

The ring arrived at the end of the dinner, and you can guess what her answer was! All of this was planned by esteemed travel agents, a top florist and a renowned London chef.

A Grand Surprise

Surprises are great, and surprise parties are the best. But how do you plan a great surprise? With a little imagination and a healthy bank account, of course! For one New York power couple, a special somebody had her grand surprise arrive on her 40th Birthday. Her husband had arranged for their trip to Ocean Club, their regular choice for vacationing, to be diverted to a place near Musha Island. There, all her old friends and family had been flown over, and were waiting to surprise her! For the next four days, the group was immersed in personalized Island games, food from a specialized menu, and a movie montage featuring each individual’s special memory with the birthday girl. A personalized, well-thought-out surprise like this is the ultimate expression of your love for your partner!

Personalized Vacations

Of course, a lover isn’t the only one you can personalize your vacation for – it can most certainly be for yourself, too! You can have your travel agent contact resorts and retreats in advance, to discuss some personalized requests you may have. This may include specific menu items, a particular theme in your room suite, or even special spa treatments. Luxury resorts are often accommodating the requests they receive from regular, high spending clients of theirs.

If you’re planning a vacation on a private Island, then you can have your fantasy laid out before you with enough money and a good planning agency, all of which your travel agent can arrange for you.

So there you have it! The Modern-Day equivalent of erecting a Taj Mahal – that is, personalized vacations with specialized menus and every small detail planned with your individual preferences and dislikes in mind.

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