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The Ultimate Experience – Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

History of Santa Rosa Hotel

Italy’s compelling charm isn’t entirely confined to the city’s historical importance or indigenous culture. In fact, its diversity expands beyond horizons. The Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa, situated in the centre of the Amalfi Coast, is just one example that makes Italy as iconic as it is today.

Located in the middle of Amalfi and Positano, tourists can enjoy the peace that comes with exclusivity and also feel a sense of belonging; a cathartic experience after which you’ll feel good as new. So allow us to take you on an enthralling journey imbued with splendor and outstanding glory that’ll have you booking your tickets this instant.

However, don’t be swayed by the assumption that Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa is just a luxurious spot aiding your holiday fantasies. Perched along the Amalfi Coast, it is safe to say that the hotel is laced with chronicles of the past as it facilitates you with modern amenities.

History of Santa Rosa Hotel

When you choose Italy as your travel destination, a safe assumption to make is that you are fascinated with historically rich places that are also easily accessible. Having said that, when suggesting any attraction, giving an overview of its history is only fair. And trust us, almost every other building in Italy is painted in colors of the past and presented on a canvas of today. So, all our history-loving readers, this one’s for you!

Interestingly, the Santa Rosa Hotel was initially constructed in the 17th century as a monastery at the wish of a noble family, Pontone di Scala’s descendant known as Sister Rosa Pandolfi, who took residence at Conca Dei Marini. The ancient church, Santa Maria di Grado, was built as a present for Sister Rosa but is tragically in a debilitated state as of today. Possessing enough resources, she initiated a plan to fund the construction of the monastery positioned close to the Sacred Virgins’ Church.

Ever since 2012, the monastery has been transitioned into a luxurious hotel for tourists from around the globe to marvel at.

The Amalfi Coast

Serving as an ode to romantic imagery, artists, poets, and writers from around the world have attempted to express the true essence of the Amalfi Coast but few have done justice to its indescribable beauty. Its picturesque view and glorious allure makes it difficult for us to express its grace using mere words. The only way you can understand is by witnessing the sight yourself because once you do, you’ll start to believe in the phenomenon of love at first sight.

We are always the first to suggest taking someone to accompany you while traveling, however, at Amalfi, you do not necessarily need anyone to elevate your experience. Amalfi’s scenery is enough to keep you fully occupied for the time you’re exploring the coast.

The Immersive Spa Experience

Now we’re talking about the real deal; the reason almost every one of us decides on travelling this far – to experience the relaxing sensation of a local spa, taking away all the stress from every fibre of our bodies. Its unique infrastructure and top-quality facilities have landed Monastero Santa Rosa’s Spa as a globally popular destination not solely because of its link to the Amalfi Coast but also for its exclusive setting; offering the best experience for those looking for an opportunity to unwind and connect with their spirits in a comfortable environment especially curated for the guests.

If you find it difficult to believe us, we have records to prove it. Winning the ‘The Best New Spa’ award by Tatler Magazine only a short while after opening confirms its commendable reputation. Staying true to the Italian heritage, the spa’s baths are constructed like Thermal Suites – a series of interconnected vaulted rooms. Although offering the most modern treatments, its structural construct serves as a constant reminder of its cultural fabric.