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Vigilius Mountain Resort Italy

The Vigilius Mountain Resort Italy in South Tyrol is best available by cable vehicle.

No cars, no noise, no stress. Simply silence and nature. Arrive after a brief ride by cable vehicle. There is no avenue as much as Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch and the air tastes of larch timber and freedom. Up here, vigilius mountain resort is nestled into nature, will become one with it, so simply and at the equal time so aesthetically and clearly.

Vigilius Mountain Resort Italy
Vigilius Mountain Resort Italy

An island withinside the mountains at 1 500 m above sea degree, a modernist chalet, a mountain lodge in South Tyrol with the 5-star design that satisfies longings. Others evaluate the vigils mountain resort to a treehouse: a child’s mystery hiding vicinity and welcome shelter where they are able to float above the relaxation of the world and throw all of their normal worries overboard with a laugh, wherein they don’t should be everyone however can really be. And for some, the vigils mountain resort is a mother bird who sits on her nest and locations a protective wing over them. You feel the honest warmth of the people here. Take your time.

As a result, the vigilius mountain resort is an island withinside the mountains for everyone. Where the entirety unimportant is left down withinside the valley. Life may be so simple.

Vigilius Mountain Resort Italy – Accommodation and Wellness

With this conscious selection for simplicity, we additionally offer a due area for virtual detox how freeing an afternoon may be offline without being constantly accessible; how restful the nights can be without WLAN.

There isn’t any avenue as much as Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch.

The cable vehicle is the only way to get from Lana up to one 500 m above sea degree in seven mins and arrive at an area complete of energy where nature continues to be allowed to live in harmony with itself. Designing a mountain lodge in South Tyrol up Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch needs incredible care and respect. The architect Matteo Thun solved this incredible task primarily based totally at the clean precept of “eco not ego”:

Sparkling mineral water bubbles out of the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch mountain springs.

At the vigilius mountain inn, this crystal clear natural treasure flows through all of the pipes: withinside the infinity pool you swim withinside the purest mineral water and also you additionally completely experience the precious water from Bärenbad in the whirlpool, withinside the shower, whilst brushing your teeth and of course really for consuming.

Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch has plenty of tales to tell. One of them is ready the secret events that happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, deep in the mountain. The historical rock enriched the purest water generously with minerals. People knew the value of this water containing radon early on and constructed pipes which carried the treasured liquid at once right all the way down to the valley wherein it changed into, and is, bottled and used for cures. “Meraner Mineralwasser” is one of the most famous mineral waters in Merano, its surrounding vicinity and beyond. A natural asset from Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch, which our visitors at vigilius mountain resort get at once from the tap.

According to anecdotes, the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch spring water even got here into movement during drinking periods on the time of the San Vigilio/Vigiljoch South Tyrol mountain hotel. Once the owner had emptied all of the wine bottles, he generously poured the clean water from Bärenbad into schnapps glasses.