You Can Now Sail James Bond Casino Royale Boat in Style

Want to swish around the ocean in the classic 007 styles? Well, get excited because all your childhood fantasies can become reality! Have your tuxedo pressed, your shades ready, a fancy glass of an exotic martini, and all you need is a boat to plan your getaway from some villain. You can now sail the 2006 James Bond Casino Royale Boat and embrace your inner Bond.

Though the enthralling experience comes to a heavy price tag, the yacht of spectacular opulence, also known as the “floating lair” is available to rent for around $70,000 a week!

The 33-meter navy blue sports vessel features a series of impeccable lavish amenities with four cabins and a master suite accommodating up to eight guests as well as a Jacuzzi, areas for sunbathing and several water toys including paddleboards, snorkeling equipment, and water skis.

Not only that, but the grand yacht alsocomes with powerful engines that can maintain a maximum speed of about 45 knots! Also, it has a headroom space of over 9 feet and an inbuilt fine dining area, sun pad area, VIP staterooms, two twin cabins with marble finishing and of course, a luxuriously comfortable lounge.

The Casino’s main top deck area comes with a sunroof for guests to enjoy the breathtaking glory of the shimmering skies or perhaps if you have a wild imagination, you can imagine yourself as James Bond effortlessly escaping through the roof. The top deck houses an enormous lounging area with exclusive dining, a bar full of exotic cocktails, a sunbed, and a foredeck Jacuzzi. Of course, this yacht wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious lower deck.

With an exterior that perfectly reflects the charm and significance of the James Bond era, the interior of the vessel also follows the classic theme with mellow warm tones made from mostly wood and marble. There is also an exquisite outdoor dining area where you can enjoy the view of the starry night while sipping an exotic cocktail, what’s better than that?

After you’re done spending your day fighting off laser-headed sharks, you can hide out in the glorious master suite. A spacious room clad in marble and leather with a bathtub, stand up shower, office, and a gigantic closet is all one needs after a long day of fighting off enemies, right?

In conclusion, if you wish to cruise in the true Bond style, rent this yacht and live an upscale version of your dream!

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