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About Us

About The Magazine

Welcome to Emporium Magazine, an illustrious gateway to the world of luxury travel and lifestyle. As a revered online publication, we personify the essence of grandeur that defines our brand, immersing our cherished readers in a captivating portal of extraordinary experiences. We wholeheartedly embrace the philosophy of refined indulgence, curating an exclusive guide to luxury travel tailored to discerning individuals like yourself. Our mission is crystal clear: to present a personal and exclusive odyssey that resonates with your desires and aspirations. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we unfold a meticulously selected collection of hotels, destinations, and experiences embodying the pinnacle of opulence.

Beyond luxury, our commitment extends to sustainability and environmental preservation, integral values within the luxury travel sector. We aim to catalyze conscious and sustainable approaches to luxury travel, encouraging readers to embrace responsible indulgence. Acknowledging our influence beyond individual travelers, we place great emphasis on building robust partnerships with esteemed B2B collaborators in the luxury travel industry. Through our magazine, we aim to champion exceptional travel experiences and extend media services to our valued partners. By forging close relationships with industry professionals, we establish a mutually beneficial environment that sets new standards for luxury travel.

At Emporium Magazine, we prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that every carefully curated article and feature embodies the essence of luxury travel and lifestyle. This approach provides a focused and enriching reading experience, sparking imagination and indulging curiosity. Delve into a realm of carefully chosen themes and captivating narratives. Explore the extraordinary, immerse yourself in the remarkable, and embrace the allure of sophistication and refinement. Allow us to be a source of inspiration for your next journey!

Who Is Behind It

At the forefront of Emporium Magazine is Riaan Kleynhans, a seasoned connoisseur of luxury lifestyles. His expertise spans brand strategy, innovation, and IT processes, blending media, team collaboration, and technology seamlessly. Riaan’s insights into the sophisticated jet-set lifestyle and international track record have solidified him as a key player in digital innovation and technology. Riaan is and has always been a visionary, world traveler, and devoted family man.

Joining Riaan is Astrid Obert, a distinguished professional photographer with over two decades of expertise. Together, they navigate the vibrant intersection of Cape Town and Munich, immersing themselves in cutting-edge media innovations. Astrid, boasting over 20 years of experience as a distinguished professional photographer, specializes in fashion, lifestyle, advertising, corporate, and portrait photography. Collaborating with top global brands and celebrities, she delivers high-quality images that stand out. Her passion extends to creating visually compelling content that captures the essence and value of luxury brands and destinations.

Complementing the team is Paulina Bonewit, the youngest member, injecting a fresh and vibrant perspective into Emporium Magazine. With a master’s degree in Consumer Science, Paulina contributes a distinctive layer of expertise to our collective skill set. Her multifaceted background as a professional athlete, model, and world traveler enriches our collective understanding of the luxury lifestyle. Paulina’s passion for analytics and profound understanding of consumer behavior play a pivotal role in shaping our approach.

Supported by a small yet dedicated team, we collaboratively tackle the daily challenges of curating the Emporium Universe, encompassing both Emporium Magazine and Emporium Collection. Our commitment is unwavering as we strive to deliver a world-class publication that celebrates the art of travel and the pursuit of refinement. Beyond individual travelers, our robust partnerships with esteemed B2B collaborators in the luxury travel industry underscore our dedication to setting new standards. At Emporium Magazine, we invite you to explore a curated world of themes that redefine the essence of luxury travel and lifestyle.