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Emporium Magazine embodies a wondrous portal providing a gateway to our distinguished members to delve into the Emporium Universe. The luxury lifestyle and travel magazine is the personification of the aura of grandeur that has become the face of our brand. It effectually communicates the lavish developments and the riveting unravellings continuously taking place in our hospitality services. Magazine is a classic coalescence of the experiences and the partners, creating a unique specimen of luxury travel.

The phenomenon of sustainability has been a significant feature of our philosophy and, thus, holds prominence in the Magazine. We have a resolute belief that the whole ecosystem should reap the benefit of the resource that is at the disposal, and we have manifested this credence both in our initiatives and magazine. We intend to play a constructive role for the planet and Emporium Magazine serves as a reality check for this vigorous endeavor.

Riaan Kleynhans & Astrid Obert