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70-story tall Cavalli Skyscraper-Dubai’s $545 Million Investment

Sajwani couldn’t think of a better way to make an announcement of better times for the Cavalli brand than with a tremendous 70-storey tower in Dubai Marina scheduled to begin next year. His latest idea is to revive the luxury brand Cavalli, an architectural saga of sorts with a $545m luxury Dubai tower.

The building will stand as Cavalli’s towering tale of success, pun intended, after nearly two years of down-in-the-dumps sales of a brand that has once gotten used to the sweet smell of success.

The affluent founder and chairman of Dubai-based Damac Properties is very excited about this venture.

Sajwani told Arabianbusiness, “I am committed to rebuilding the Cavalli brand, to relaunching it on key markets.” He continued, “We are ready to invest as much as needed.”

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