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A whisky of legendary depth and finesse

A whisky of legendary depth and finesse for over 150 years, The Dalmore King Alexander III, has set the criterion in multi-barrel maturation.

Hand chosen barrels, from the globe’s finest bodegas and wineries are adeptly curated to create a luxurious as well as layered whisky of fabulous skill.

A whisky of legendary depth and finesse

The Dalmore Principal Collection
The Dalmore Principal Collection completely showcases Master Distiller, Richard Paterson’s abilities and also proficiency in cask curation.

Each expression provides a different subtlety of our definitive home design. The Principal Collection stands for 6 unique as well as splendid whiskies.


A splendid extraordinary experience with The Dalmore as well as Emirates
This is what flying was implied to be. As well as there are no better means to enjoy it than with The Dalmore King Alexander III.


The Dalmore King Alexander III showcases cask curation at its finest; as it is the world’s initial single malt to develop an assemblage of six-barrel coatings.

Each independently gifts the whisky with a spectrum of flavors, creating a sumptuous and split whisky of famous finesse

The Dalmore King Alexander III is unique perfect to indulge in on-board an extraordinary trip experience with Emirates.

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