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Chiemsee Chalet Germany Family Hotels

If you do not listen to it, you might not locate it. As if it loves to disguise itself from the hustle and bustle of the world, it towers 800 meters above the Bavarian Sea.

Not some distance from a small village in Upper Bavaria, between lush mountain meadows, aromatic forests and the shimmering turquoise blue lake. Whoever determined it became searching out it. Was searching out a retreat to rediscover a sense of remaining skilled in childhood: Security.

Chiemsee Chalet Germany Family Hotels

In the Chiemsee Chalet Germany Family Hotels, the panorama merges with the architecture. Harmony is created: a conventional creation with masses of vintage wood, herbal stone and glass, which interprets the appeal of the Chiemgau right into an elegant interior.

Found with the aid of using the proprietor own circle of relatives on several discovery excursions and studies withinside the region, all substances have been lovingly decided on and present treasures of the conventional farmhouse have been newly integrated.

Rooms that integrate consolation with transparency and provide masses of the area to loosen up and prepare dinner collectively withinside the completely geared up kitchens of the nine residences with 1 to four bedrooms.

Which open up the view of the Bavarian sea and the horizon and permit a connection outdoor and inside. Subtle and excellent herbal fabric for dreaming – splendidly versatile: for doing not anything, simply letting cross and drifting.

How freeing its miles to have a take a observe existence from a distance and get an exceptional perspective. Up here, 800m above sea level, withinside the centre of alpine meadows and mountain forests, you may locate your brief home – without or with the guide – simply as you need it.

Based on lots of our very own expertise and personal remains across the world, our not unusual place imaginative and prescient of a “comfortable existence” grew.

The Chiemsee Chalet sees itself as an area for simple luxury, does now no longer need to be classified as a hotel, excursion rental or chalet village, and you’ll appear useless for a celeb classification. Our not unusual place purpose became to create something precise and new that mixes the services of various lodging concepts.

The privateness of a vacation rental, having breakfast for your very own rental withinside the morning, loose from time pressure, even for your bathrobe. However, with the carrier of a hotel, sincerely sit on the breakfast desk that has already been set with the aid of using the elves. Cook for yourself withinside the evening, or have a 2-direction menu brought for your very own chalet suite. Access across the clock on the residence bar or pool bar, primarily based totally on the precept of trust, like with friends. With all of the consolation and cosiness of a chalet, non-public saunas, wood-fired fireplace, very own wine cabinet, whirlpool, out of doors pool or even an in-residence electric-powered yacht on Lake Chiemsee.

Chiemsee Chalet Germany Family Hotels Snuggly Chalet Suite

Their relaxed chalet suitegives you 40m² of residing consolation with a non-public sauna withinside the bathroom. The bedroom/residing room is geared up with an excellent kitchen and a modern, wood-burning fireplace.

In the bedroom and from the spacious balcony of this chalet suite, you could revel in the splendour of the mountains, particularly the dazzling view of the Wendelstein Cross and the dreamlike sunsets, very comfortably.

Chiemsee Chalet Germany Family Hotels Culinary

Eating and consuming on the Chiemsee Chalet

“Temptations ought to be pursued, who is aware of if they may return.” – Oscar Wilde. In the Chiemsee Chalet, you could revel in it casually and deliciously. It may be very snug and simple here. Everything is possible, not anything is necessary.

If the occupants of the chalets sincerely do not sense like making ready their very own creations, a freshly organized dish may be pre-ordered in keeping with the Chiemgau subculture withinside the unique place Reindl to share, on an everyday foundation or for the whole stay. Here, too, the choice for privateness is taken into account, due to the fact you dine at once withinside the chalet suite.

Seven of the 9 chalet suites provide an excellent wine cabinet. On request, you could upload your preferred wines from the residence’s finely decided wine list.

Very easy and simple: you’re welcome to serve yourself and write down liquids and snacks withinside the bar list. So you could quench your thirst without being disturbed with the aid of using us.