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Cirigan Palace Kempinski-A Journey Throughout the Food Delights

Cirigan Palace Kempinski-A Journey Throughout the Food Delights

Istanbul, the city that is a bridge connecting two continents Europe and Asia is a mix of culture and tradition. The Cirigan Palace Kempinski, a 5-star hotel that lies down in an Ottoman palace, where the distinguished sultan lived a few centuries ago, opens its doors to the tourist to enjoy this magnificent hotel and the city.
But not only the hotel and the city are the only interests that can draw tourist attention. Turkish cuisine, a blend of Europe and Asia is something that you do not want to miss. And we will try to present to you the hotel’s restaurants, where you can enjoy different tastes and flavors, worldwide choices of meals prepared by the chefs to indulge all your senses.

Laledan Restaurant

Pass the 17th-century gate in the Garden of the Cirigan Palace Kempinski and although you will still feel the Turkish exquisite charm you can enjoy the delights of the Italian cuisine. Fresh pasta and authentic recipes created by the Expert Cirigan Palace Kempinski’s chefs.

Cirigan Palace Kempinski-A Journey Throughout the Food Delights
Cirigan Palace Kempinski-A Journey Throughout the Food Delights

Tugra Restaurant

The word “Tugra” represents the Ottoman sultans’ calligraphic signature, used like letterhead or imperial seal and this elegant motif is now used on the specially designed plates.
Situated on the first floor of the Cirigan Palace, Tugra Restaurant offers breathtaking views of the Bosphorus. You can enjoy the menu of Executive Chef Sezai Erdogan, and his inspiration is the recipes recorded in the archives of the historic sites and popular deserts served to foreign palace visitors back in the 1890s.

Bosphorus Grill

Accompanied by the stunning views from the Bosphorus Bridge To the Maiden Tower, the Bosphorus Grill Restaurant provides you summer lunch and dining with international as well as Turkish cuisine offering a broad variety of meat, fish and seafood selections.
“Legendary Cirigan Brunch” includes 300 different brunch delights. Exquisite Grill Menu is something that you need to experience and enjoy- char-grilled meat, fish and seafood, Turkish mezze and International appetizers, favorite pasta dishes, tea, and coffee.


Cirigan Palace Kempinski Restaurants Istanbul
Cirigan Palace Kempinski Restaurants Istanbul

Gazebo Lounge

The hotspot of Istanbul, thanks to its location right to the Bosphorus and the wide terrace, the Gazebo lounge you can enjoy a la carte breakfast which includes worldwide selections.
Apart from the breathtaking views, the Gazebo Lounge is well-known for hosting a chocolate corner.
Every year nearly 10 tons of chocolates from different parts of the world, finish in the capable hands of the team in the pastry department in Cirigan Palace Kempinski. Handmade chocolates, truffles, and bonbons are served at Gazebo Lounge’s chocolate buffet.

Le Fumoir

Located in picturesque green gardens, surrounded by palm trees and yet open to the refreshing breeze of the Bosphorus, Le Fumoir is a posh venue, offering unique views of the sea and the Anatolian side of the city. You can enjoy a variety of flavored tobaccos served in handmade humidors and traditional hookahs.

Cirigan Palace Kempinski Restaurants
Cirigan Palace Kempinski Restaurants

The 47

Right by the Bosphorus, you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere with special recipe cocktails and drinks in The 47. To make your night unforgettable one over the drinks will help you live DJ music.

Luxury Restaurants Istanbul
Luxury Restaurants Istanbul

Hopefully, we were able to somehow describe and bring closer to you this journey throughout the Cirigan Palace Kempinski restaurants and bars. We leave it up to you- to pack your luggage and experience it first handed. And for the next time, we definitely will try to get closer with the Turkish delightful meals and pastries that are unique and tasty.

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