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Damen SeaXplorer 77 Concept: Defining Bespoke Superyacht Experience

Damen SeaXplorer 77 Concept: Defining Bespoke Superyacht Experience

The global pandemic in the shape of Coronavirus has dynamically impacted the perception of the international luxury, go-anywhere expedition. The spectacle of savoring the pristine blue waters from a private superyacht has given the adventure enthusiasts new liberties.

The bespoke superyacht concept is in vogue because it offers recreation with privacy. With social distancing becoming the new norm, incorporating luxury within the fabric of such restrictions warrants imagination. Citing this reformed belief, Damen Yachting has anticipated a spike in demand for the yachting adventures and has enlisted the prominent yacht interior designers to artfully and adroitly develop the design of its 252-foot long SeaXplorer 77.

Damen Yachting’s ambition and inspiration for the SeaXplorer 77 stems from its stunning delivery of the SeaXplorer LA DATCHA to the Russian Billionaire, Oleg Tinkov. This masterpiece of a superyacht was one of the two crown jewels conceived by the company last year for its SeaXplorer line, the other being ANAWA.

The company’s managing director, Rose Damen, shared his reverential sentiments regarding the illustrious superyacht line, iterating the boundless ambitions that drove the SeaXplorer program’s inception.

“When we started our ambitious SeaXplorer program, we dreamed of something different – a luxury expedition yacht born from an innovative crossover of our Amels yachting and Damen shipbuilding technology. It was a challenging ambition, but our clients have proved that there is a growing market for true expedition yachting beyond limits.”

The manager further commended the imagination behind the matchless superyachts produced the previous year, LA DATCHA and the SeaXplorer.

The concept of the SeaXplorer 77 has drawn parallels with its magnificent sibling LA DATCHA. Exterior stylists Azure Yacht Design and operational design partners EYOS Expeditions have collaborated with Damen Yachting’s in-house design team to produce an in-depth analysis for this superyacht in the SeaXplorer line.

Furthermore, the company has ensured that no stone is unturned for furnishing a glamorous design for the SeaXplorer 77. It has initiated contacts with London-based Winch Design, an acclaimed design team renowned for producing elaborate designs for yachts. The company has also catered to the yachting luxury, calling its prominent design partners Carlo Torre and his studio Monaco Yacht Temptation for envisaging a brilliant plan for the interior design of the superyacht.

The philosophy behind the elaborate design process seems to derive from the other superyachts’ experiences that the company deployed for its illustrious SeaXplorer line. Coupling this conviction with an accomplished team on board appears to serve a single point, creating a superyacht design that banks on its structure’s strength and personality while aligning handsomely with the proud shipbuilding heritage of Damen Yachting.

An emphasis on the superyacht’s design reveals that the SeaXplorer 77 would certainly house contemporary bespoke lifestyle features. It’s not just about living the true cruise adventure.

The perception of a scintillating experience on the SeaXplorer superyacht has now been reshaped with the inclusions of an upper-deck swimming pool, luxurious indoor-outdoor finishes, and a considerable space for staging DJ parties with a capacity of entertaining up to 150 guests at a time.

The ambitions for conceiving a true superyacht masterpiece do not end here, though. The SeaXplorer 77 would flaunt a multi-purpose aft deck designed to provide optimum space for storing all the toys that your true tropical adventure dream can amount to, like a large 7-person submarine or a seaplane.

The designers at Damen Yachting have considered all the challenges your perfect tropical expedition can pose for the SeaXplorer 77. With its extended yet distinguished deck lines and a sophisticated round finish donning the exquisite design, it certainly impersonates a fortress that exudes both strength and beauty in the isolation of your dream tropical retreat.

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