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Film Studio A24 and Beauty Brand

American production company A24 (creators of HBO’s show Euphoria and Oscar-nominated feature films like Minari and Midsommar) is launching its own beauty business.

Names of Euphoria’s lead characters Jules and Rue is a new venture called Rules Beauty. A24 has a track record for merchandise that appeals to fans’ modern lifestyle sensibilities. Genre-scented candles, family recipe cards created by the cast of Minari, companion podcasts, and a fanzine guest-edited by A24’s roster of directors and actors all help furnish the life of the audience outside the cinema.

Film Studio A24

The entertainment sector continues to diversify its revenue channels and creators and conglomerates alike are launching into cross-category products and services that let fans fully immerse themselves in their worlds. These novel approaches to merchandise set themselves apart with intimate fan community connections on social media, which enable quick turnover from insight to a product.

Beauty brands like Glossier have pioneered turning audience engagement into product research. Now, the lean-in fan communities are creating their demand for everything from beauty lines to virtual pop-up restaurants, as we highlight in our Pop Culture Pulse: Generational Wars. For more on the overlap between beauty and entertainment, check out Game Face: Beauty Goes Virtual.

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