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Hampton Court Palace-the Tale of Two Palaces

Hampton Court Palace in Greater London overlooks the north bank of the River Thames. Hampton Court Palace is the tale of two palaces, the first was given to Henry VIII by Thomas Cardinal Wolsey and alongside the second elegant palace built by William and Mary, 200 years later.

Hampton Court Palace- Magnificent Residence

With 1000 rooms. 18 courtyards and 750 acres of gardens this palace astonishes visitors from all around the world. Impressive gatehouses, ornament chimneys and stunning gardens cost 62.000 pounds which is equivalent to 18 million pounds today, to rebuild the palace and make it the most impressive in England today. The six wives of Henry the VIII came to the palace, the rooms were remodelled at least half a dozen times and the palace was a display of wealth and conspicuous consumption.

Later on, William and Mary hired the architect Christopher Wren to add a wing for William and his wife. The east and south facades were completely transformed replacing the towers and chimneys with elegant baroque exteriors that dominate the formal gardens today. The palace was home to numerous events and the kitchens were made to serve 600 guests.

Hampton Court Palace- Gardens of Heaven

Beautiful gardens stretching out to the Thames River on over 60 acres feature sparkling fountains and, an enormous number of flowering bulbs and 750 acres of royal parkland. The Great Vine was planted by Lancelot “Capability” Brown in 1768 is the oldest and biggest in the world. The original variety of plants and marble structures, deer herds pond and waterways are only part of 700 acres of marvellous gardens and parks.

Hampton Court Palace- the Past and the Present

The presence of Henry VIII is still present in the palace today. The place where the royalty lived, loved and enjoyed can be still felt in the palace and its surroundings. It is said that Henry VIII proposed his fifth wife here. The palace most famous ghost, the screaming lady in the haunted gallery is said to be Henry’s fifth wife, Queen Catherine Howard accused of adultery and beheaded at the Tower of London.

Hampton Court Palace- the Maze

World-famous trapezoidal maze for more than 300 years attracts visitors from all over the world. It is the only surviving part of William III wilderness garden.

However, all parts of this historical palace is one of the must-visit places and feel the grandness of it. Once the home of royalty, today the place that amazes the people with its beauty and tremendous history. 

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