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High-end Tourists Can Go For Luxury Vacations in Greece As Soon As July

Γειά σου, Χάρηκα πολύ! That is what the Greek authorities are gearing up to welcome the tourists for the season. The country, with its fascinating culture and the famed Mediterranean flavor, is a popular destination for global tourism. With its pristine coast and exotic infrastructure, there is a lot on offer if you plan on having your dream luxury vacations in Greece.

As the COVID-19 wreaked havoc across Europe, the tourism industry had to face severe circumstances due to the ensuing lockdowns by the governments in an attempt to curtail the spread of the virus. While the pandemic struck mercilessly across the other popular European destination like France, Italy, and Spain, Greece was fortunate enough to mobilize efforts and successfully counter the escalation of the pandemic. This is evident by the numbers as the country suffered fewer than 170 deaths and reported 3000 cases during its fight against the COVID-19, which are modest figures when compared with the other prominent tourist destinations.

When Is Greece Reopening For Tourism

With tourism being integral to the economy and the virus being under control, Greece has decided the re-opening of its tourism sector from July. This makes it the first destination in the Mediterranean to undertake such a step. However, the other countries are also close to the opening of their airspaces and economy, which makes it a suitable time for the recommencement. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is confident in voicing his strategy as he presented the plan to the news agencies, marking the commitment of the government to initiate the process but with strict adherence to the health safety protocols. He encouraged the high-end travelers and urged the authorities and the guests to follow the necessary health safety procedures.

Luxury Vacations in Greece

Various tourism spots including the illustrious Santorini, Greece have already dished out their re-opening plans as per the government strategy to see the tourism industry return to glory. The sublime Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens has followed suit as it has set 12th of July to be its grand re-opening date. The luxurious and exotic location would be a welcome change of scenery from the bland lockdown. The sumptuous retreat is at a drive of 20 minutes from the Athens International Airport, making it an ideal proposition for spending your luxury vacations in Greece.

No luxury vacations in Greece are complete without witnessing the shine and tranquility of the Santorini villas. The re-opening phase has coincided with the hopes of the locals who were looking for the recommencement of the business in July. The Santorini Greece has been invulnerable to the pandemic, and with the re-initiation in sight, the owners have offered flexible arrangements for the tourists. The Santorini villas are a definition of social distancing as the spot prominently witness couples as their guests. The nature of the luxury vacations in the Santorini Greece is predominantly personal with little social interaction and gatherings, making it a natural response to the safety protocols.

Santorini, Greece and all of the similarly fascinating destinations have introduced various safety measures and are optimistically gearing up to present a rousing welcome to the international and domestic tourists.

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