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Hotel Imperial

Hotel Imperial laced with an explicit framework of the historic and modern European architecture, Hotel Imperial has been the living embodiment of the Viennese culture since 1873.

Its location with respect to Vienna’s cultural hub makes this hotel the best place to stay for all wanting to explore the splendor of this city. Being one of the earliest luxury resorts, this hotel provides an exceptional range of accommodation facilities.

Its rooms and suites feature an incredible array of the ancient European furniture blended perfectly with the modern-day amenities. Originally serving as a palace to the royalty of Vienna, Hotel Imperial’s spacious rooms and suites make it stand out from the rest.

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Portraying a modern look, the hotel keeps its 18th century lavish and luxurious architecture that makes its visitors feel no less than royalty themselves. In terms of its gastronomical adventures, the Hotel Imperial is best known for its mouth-watering Austrian cuisine coupled with the traditional bars and coffee houses, making a visit to this hotel a grand experience.

This hotel also offers various banqueting and event holding facilities.