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Hotel Ritter Durbach Design Hotels

The “Gasthaus Zum Ritter” changed into cited in a professional record for the primary time in 1656. The Hotel represents over 350 years of records and dwelling hospitality. Our goal is to maintain the culture, however additionally to restore it. In the complete lodge – in which modernity is usually present – you may discover tales of in advance times. The records and those who fashioned Ritter are omnipresent.

Hotel Ritter Durbach Design Hotel needs to be enchanting, and enchanted you shall be! Be extremely joyful with the aid of using the eye to element and the human beings and personnel who take care of your wellbeing at Ritter. Be pampered in any respect levels. Enjoy the unique ecosystem of the lodge, the encircling landscape, the coolest wine, the coolest food, and the various sights that the brand new Ritter has to provide. We handiest have one goal: we need you to be enchanted!

Contemporary decor blended with layout and feature is what we strived for, but the very best precedence lies withinside the experience of wellbeing: contemporary-day however warm, mild however comfortable. The Ritter need to be all these items without dropping any of its records. We wish to have finished this bridge among culture and contemporary-day.

Hotel Ritter Durbach Design Hotels – Accommodation

Our maisonette suites over 2 floorings provide actual generosity. A staircase ends in the bedroom and bathroom. There may be the dwelling room (with couch bed) and every other toilet. Our maisonette suites have flat-display TV, sound system, loose net access, air conditioning, minibar, safe, bathe and/or bathtub, separate toilet, hairdryer, bathrobe & beauty items. You also can stay up for our new sauna at the terrace.

Hotel Ritter Durbach Design Hotels – Manifold indulgence

Time-honoured traditions and revolutionary excellence: the culinary idea at Hotel Ritter Durbach, devised with the aid of using resident super megacelebrity chef André Tienelt, is acquired with the aid of using visitors with tons gusto. So too is the indoors layout of our restaurants, which has their very own unmistakable ambience.

Ritter Keller at Hotel Ritter Durbach

Celebrate wine culture: In the adjacent walk-in wine cellar, a massive table for up to fourteen guests presents a unique ecosystem for unique events. Here, surrounded with the aid of using high-quality wines, you may revel in the ideal ecosystem for expert wine tasting, a hearty snack or an up-marketplace meal.

Hotel Ritter Durbach Design Hotels – Day Spa

Drop with the aid of using and revel in the Ritter Spa

Welcome to wellbeing! The Ritter Spa isn’t the handiest to be had to lodge visitors – day-trippers also can revel in the blessings of our spa and splendour complicated on each daily basis.

Be pampered the entire day long as a single day visitor.