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How Bespoke Travel Has Shaped with the Pandemic

With the pandemic sweeping across the world, the scope of bespoke travel locations has unraveled. The social restrictions accompanied by a new distant working routine has wholly reshaped the lifestyle spectacle.

The focus has reverted to sharing valuable time with loved ones, keeping Covid-19 induced social protocols in mind.

All in all, bespoke travel accommodations have quickly but seamlessly adapted to pandemic-influenced travelling, which is religiously centered around well-being. Even before the pandemic, such destinations were exclusive and were coveted by travel enthusiasts.

However, with travel redefined, the hospitality industry has adapted to the changing trends and client perspectives. So, be ready to feel at home with bespoke travelling this pandemic with a focus on your well-being.

Y.CO Yachting

Traditionally, super yachting not only offers the luxury of enjoying the pristine blue waters and sultry coastlines but also exclusivity. The yacht charter enquiries at Y.CO ensure that a luxury yacht experience welcomes you at the most exclusive of locations.

Anyone can offer a glamorous trip of the Mediterranean for yachting. However, ice diving and snowmobiling in the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctic is rare and exclusive.

With the Y.CO armory brimming with all the toys for charter expeditions like the submersibles, heliskiing copter and much more, be sure of an adventure that fits your once in a lifetime adventure, all from the deck of your superyacht.

The Resort at Paws Up

Imagine a luxury woodland ranch escape for your bespoke travels in 2021!

The Resort at Paws Up would certainly come up for your glamping inspirations, rolling out a perfectly sophisticated pandemic retreat for your loved ones. It is furnished with 12 high-end accommodations providing a complete luxury package while simultaneously offering the comfort level of your own home.

Get ready for your family reunion in the unique setting of Montana’s Blackfoot River Valley woodlands, providing the tranquility of nature as well as the luxury of contemporary hospitality standards. It offers an ideal destination for your family events and private corporate meetings, all in a uniquely attractive setting.

It’s not only the unique setting that distinguishes the luxury woodland retreat. The accommodation offers maximum privacy with the contemporary features of elevated Tree Haus concept and the Green Haus’ rooftop deck, quite apt for stargazing.

Moreover, there is also the Round Haus’ sunken living room and the Light Haus’ glass-enclosed bedroom, where each setting offers the dazzling spectacle of the Montana wild coupled with the view of the starry skies.

The hideaway has been designed for small, exclusive gatherings, celebrating the wilderness with exquisite cuisine and customized adventure experiences within the area.  You can enjot more than 50 activities for the guests, ranging from the live-fire music and cooking sessions, horseback-trailing, or even the campfire music and cocktail celebrations under the remarkable starry sky.

The experience is further augmented with the contemporary hospitality standards of a customized spa treatment, forest bathing, and even ATP tours. All these experiences are curated with a luxury Lexus SUV for each Haus’, providing a chance to explore the beauty of the 37,000 acre Paws Up Ranch in proper style.

Layan Residences by Anantara in Phuket

If you are an avid Hollywood fan, these luxury-laden Phuket residences would be no surprise for you. The bespoke experience at the Layan Residences by Anantara starts with the private flight from Bangkok, which then takes you in a chauffeur-driven limo to Villa Similan, the largest of the 15 exquisite resorts in the locality.

The villa offers a scenic setting on the top of a hill surrounded by views of the ocean and the jungle, that earned it the background setting of the 007 classic The Man with the Golden Gun.

The bespoke residence not only boasts of 8 lush bedrooms with exemplary concierge services, but also provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to channel your inner Bond 007 and handle the coveted golden gun from the 1974 blockbuster.

The contemporary luxury standards have been followed with the lavish indoor and outdoor spaces, inspired by the inclusion of an elevated roof terrace, spa treatment rooms, and a 22-metre infinity pool to recuperate.

The 007 references continue to pour in, with the wine room offering a complete sophisticated look with the stylish leather sofas, object d’ art styled billiard table, and the golden gun for your Bond impersonation.

The bespoke experience is further augmented with the sea-faring prospects of the villa, which were the popular sequences of the 1974 movie.

Cherish a sultry afternoon in the Phang Nga Bay on board your glamorous superyacht. Enjoy the retreat with your favorite wine accompanied by an exotic ocean spectacle, featuring the renowned ‘James Bond Island’ from the movie. 

Once done with the relaxing afternoons, there is always time for the private Muay Thai boxing lesson to polish your Ninja skills, just in case you have to fight the cunning villain Scaramanga from the movie without your golden gun. The travel package is as exquisite as the accommodation itself, with private flights from Bangkok to Phuket for up to seven people. The whole proposition offers the exquisite Villa Similan for three nights with breakfast and a glorious chance to enliven your inner Bond persona

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