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Together with new technology and development on the one hand we are broadening our horizons, but on the other hand, technology and development harms the environment. Hit by the fact of unhealthy living and destroying the Earth, and aware that the next generations have the right to live in a healthy environment most of the individuals and companies lately are working to find solutions for sustainable living.

Venice-based design studio Nuvolari Lenard, aware of water pollution, came up with an all-new solution- Venetian water taxi.HYBRID VENETIAN WATER TAXI-SUSTAINABLE WAY OF LIVINGDesigned as an answer to the increasing pollution levels in Venetian waters, the ingenious taxi makes use of “green “ technology without compromising the luxury standards that we are used to. The idea to build a water vehicle, eco-friendly, was conceptualized by the company at the 2019 edition of the Venice Boat Show, with diesel-electric hybrid propulsion. “Thunder “-the 14 is the result.


Commenting on the project, co-founder, Carlo Nuvolari said: “Dan ( his partner) and I feel a strong connection with the city and have experienced first-hand the damage that is being caused to its delicate structures, through air and noise pollution as well as physical erosion. We felt that it was crucial to address the problems facing our beautiful hometown and that Nuvolari Lenard was well placed to lead the charge in finding a solution, through a unique project dedicated to helping Venice.”

At least we can hope that more of such and similar innovations will protect our environment, our healthy living, and the life of the next generations to come.

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