In the Spotlight: All’Oro in Rome

In the Spotlight: All’ Oro in Rome, The H’All Tailor Suite is one of Rome’s finest luxury 5-star hotels. While the lavish establishment boasts many remarkable facilities and services, it is particularly well-known for the divine culinary experience that it has to offer its guests. This one-of-a-kind experience is delivered by the famous All’ Oro restaurant, a Michelin star eatery located inside the hotel.

The All-Oro provides more than just a culinary experience; the restaurant takes her guests on a journey that wholly satisfies the soul. The artistic eatery caters to two separate, unique dining rooms. Each room offers its own, special atmosphere and cuisine.

The main room is an impressive marriage between lavishness and blissful extravagance – with polished marble and elegant brass features, this luxurious room is the perfect definition of modern luxury. The armchairs are donned with the softest of fabrics, and the tablecloths and drapes are all specially made by Italian artists.

The second room is a smaller, more intimate facility, with a cozy atmosphere and a permanent, ‘homely’ warmth. This special room, with its wooden paneling and wall closets, comes with its picturesque fireplace – complementing the ‘old English’ artistic concept that the designers have brought to life.

The All’ Oro’s menu is a masterpiece in itself, with traditional-contemporary favorites and Chef’s specialties to take your taste buds on a flavourful adventure.

Cappelletti prepared in “dry broth” and served with parmesan and saffron is a favorite pick for guests from all around. To cater to guests with a specific set of preferences and needs, the restaurant’s head chef, Riccardo Di Giacinto, has prepared a special all-vegan tasting menu. Furthermore, various gluten-free specialties, such as macaroni with bread and vegan salami, are available for order.

To complete the experience of excellent fine-dining, the All’Oro naturally comes with its own custom wine-cellar, which showcases a unique selection of Italy’s finest wine. The five-star luxury hotel has gone to great lengths to provide her guests with a time to cherish and remember

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