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Italy-Medieval Towns and Villages

Italy-Medieval Towns and Villages

And again to Italy to discover some more places that are hidden from the tourist eye and yet as beautiful and worth to visit…

Portovenere Liguria Italy

Portovenere is a small medieval town on the Ligurian coast near Cinque Terre. The town has the status of UNESCO World Heritage and the most beautiful location on the Gulf of the Poets.
With its beautiful landmarks and picturesque harbor, you will enjoy the stay in this paradise which is still under the radar of the tourists.
Doria Castle situated on the hill offers stunning sights of the town and the bay. Churches of Saint Lorenzo and St. Peter offers inside in the frescos and medieval atmosphere.

Sorano Tuscany Italy

Sorano is a picturesque hill village in the southern part of Tuscany in Italy, which is a part of a group of ancient villages. The village is well preserved and it seems like that the time here stopped for a few hundred years. The tour through Sorano is divided into two parts: The Orsini Fortress and the old village itself.
The imposing 14th-century fortress with its breathtaking entrance is a must-visit.
The village itself with the Cathedral on the main square will bring you back in time. Wandering on the streets you will discover that here not only the building is preserved but the national cuisine is preserved too. You can enjoy the local products such as sheep’s milk ricotta and caciotta (cheese). One of the products that the inhabitants of Sorano are very proud of is the tasty meats, especially ham. This prized local product is celebrated in Sorano in the first half of August each year at the “Feast of the Ham”.

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