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Lamborghini Introduces its Bespoke Luxury VIP Lounge to New York City

Yes, you heard it right! Lamborghini, the supercar pioneer which is customarily associated with the values of exclusivity, has brought a touch of its bespoke profile to the lights of New York City.

The raging bull has made a profound mark on the automobile aficionados around the globe with its exotic supercar line. The Italian Manufacturer aims to replicate its extravagant success on the East Coast with its bespoke private VIP lounge, which would be nothing short of its flagship in New York City.

Inspiration Behind the Interiors

For this bespoke VIP lounge, Lamborghini has channeled inspiration through its magnificent facility back home in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

The interiors are pristinely designed, extensively focusing on the signature automotive elements that have made the brand prominent with its supercar prowess.  The two-story 5,400 square feet space is embellished with what can be described as the complete Lamborghini luxury experience, adorning the fabulous supercars, exquisite art, and the perfect setting to enjoy the renowned delicacy of Italian Cuisine.

And all this is afforded within the proximity of the Highline in the neighborhood of Chelsea, a truly perfect setting to cherish the exclusivity of the VIP lounge for your corporate meetings and sophisticated public events.

VIP Lounge Stays True To Its Italian Heritage

The gallery is immersed in the authentic Italian flavor to pay tribute to the brand’s roots. Throughout the VIP lounge, references have been artfully placed that corroborates Lamborghini’s success story all these years.

The luxury furniture adorning the space is finely designed by Living Divani, while the responsibility of furnishing a complete Italian cuisine rests with the expertise of La Dolce Vita. All the aspects are profoundly covered for furnishing a complete Italiano proposition.

The facet of music is melodically covered courtesy of Bang & Olufsen’s Advanced 3-D Sound System straight out of the Super SUV Urus, Lamborghini’s coveted masterpiece.

The concierge services at the gallery are nothing short of your world-class bespoke proposition, with a personalized Italian touch to space. Expect to host your sophisticated events with the company of a formidable Italian Chef, enthusiastic about bringing the best of the Italian cuisine to commemorate your gatherings amidst the marvels of Lamborghini history.

This feeling is further augmented by the Ad Personam design studio, which furnishes a glamorous opportunity for the supercar aficionados to conceive their own customized touch to the brand’s Roaring Bull logo.

Hence, the space not only provides a grand setting to cherish your interactions but also presents a canvas to merge creativity and the ‘Lamborghini inspiration’ within the celebrated emblem of the brand.

The VIP lounge luxury proposition cannot be complete without the glamorous appearance of the never-seen-before models from the Italian auto motor manufacturer. Lamborghini has fashioned the private gallery with one of its limited-edition supercars in the shape of Huracán Super Trofeo (STO), which would be the herald of the long list of models that are expected to adorn the extravaganza of the bespoke lounge.

The four-wheel-drive has a robust 640-HP V10 engine employed to provide an authentic motorsport experience, just like the inspirations behind the supercar itself in the shape of the famous sportscars Huracán GT3 EVO and Huracán Super Trofeo EVO.

A Bonus Treat

It is not only the glamorous supercars that furnish the Lamborghini VIP lounge with its extravagant appeal. Also making its NYC debut is the Roger Dubuis’s newest Lamborghini-inspired timepiece.

The watch, which is a limited-edition, 88 pieces to be exact, professes the dazzling detail conspicuously associated with the Lamborghini supercars. The timepiece would be immersed in a unique “Gravity Window” to provide a cherry on the top for the whole bespoke luxury proposition.

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