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Le Pigalle Paris Design Hotels

Mythical and imposing, languid and frenetic, Le Pigalle Paris Design Hotels is a neon mild withinside the Parisian night. The neighbourhood has usually attracted horrific boys and artists, musicians and adventurers.

With neither a monument nor an assembly point, it lacked a gap that truly meditated its tawdry values, brazen spirit and musical energy.

And so, Le Pigalle become born. A genuine neighbourhood motel, whose records become formed with the aid of using the cultural blend that swirls at the southern slopes of Montmartre.

The group is a neighbourhood and could take you to fulfil a number of the places, human beings and testimonies that convey Pigalle alive and make Paris so vibrant. The croissants are supplied with the aid of using the close by a bakery, the books decided on with the aid of using the neighbourhood book place and the tune selected with the aid of using a neighbourhood DJ who is also an album collector and takes place to be born in Pigalle. Local artists, shopkeepers and restaurant owners have something to mention approximately their neighbourhood.

You can join up for a drink, a night (out), or an espresso. This is Pigalle!

Le Pigalle Paris Design Hotels – Accommodation

All the rooms have a robust Parisian identity.

They are adorned withinside the fashion of the area, called Nouvelle Athènes for its neoclassical architecture, which stimulated artists and poets withinside the past due 19th century. And they bring a particular picture of Pigalle: historic, modern, decadent, multicultural, musical.

The rooms are easy and comfortable, complete of home touches, greater like a friend’s bedroom than a cookie-cutter motel room. Each is a set of objects, souvenirs, tunes, books and second-hand furniture, with a character all of its own. forty rooms from 12 à 35 m2.

Le Pigalle Paris Design Hotels – Dining Venues

Good meals for everyone…

Local, herbal and genuine… Our menu gives easy and handpicked seasonal dishes that alternate with the vagaries of nature. They are organized and served all day, and till past due at night. It’s all approximately meeting in place of cooking, like a kitchen in which maximum of the education is finished beforehand, frequently the use of home-made jams, terrines, pickles and preserves made the summertime season before.

The menu has a fair neighbourhood flavour and has been prepared with neighbourhood outlets and growers who’re as eclectic because of the motel itself. This decidedly seasonal menu is to be had at the floor ground or from room service. The wine list (herbal wines for the maximum part) and bar menu comply with the equal philosophy, with the emphasis on simplicity and accessibility in place of fancy idea beverages. They’re to be had 24 hours an afternoon and we additionally serve an exceedingly excellent espresso for simply one euro.