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Luxury Hotel Amanzoe Kranidi Greece

Luxury Hotel Amanzoe Kranidi Greece

Luxury Hotel Amanzoe Kranidi Greece is situated 3 km from the beach, and 10 km from Franchiti Cave stuck among hillside olive grows and featuring views of the Aegean Sea.
The chic modern cottages inspired by ancient Greek pavilions have all the modern amenities to enjoy luxury in the living areas and plunge pools.

A sleek restaurant offers meals; you can also enjoy a poolside eatery and an amphitheater. The resort features a cocktail bar, a spa, a gym and a yoga studio, an outdoor pool, and a nearby private beach with an eatery.

Emporium for you: Greece-Travel Destination

Designer Ed Tuttle imagined a modern-day acropolis for an exclusive decadent spa. Breathtaking views of the Peloponnese countryside are adding to comfort. The superlative experience in this modern-day spa are boasted with treatments inspired by the teaching of Hippocrates. The spa features around 2850 sqm of space.

For reservation at Luxury Hotel Amanzoe Kranidi Greece, please refer to Emporium-Voyage

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