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Luxury Travel Seafood Extravaganza in the City Of Lights

The conversation about New York City’s mouthwatering cheesecakes, bagels and pizzas is never-ending. But amidst all that chaos it’s easy to forget that the city is after all a port city and its seafood scene is one of the best catches in the country. Due to the unfortunate overfishing in the seas, the fish and shellfish population may have died down, but that doesn’t stop these seafood restaurants from outsourcing and providing some of the best seafood cuisines in the country. So without any further ado, here are some of the most upscale seafood restaurants that’ll successfully tickle your taste buds.


  1. Le Bernardin

It can easily be said that this restaurant might just be one of the best in the country with super chef Eric Ripert using his French background to whip up some haute seafood with an abundance of textures and flavors. Le Bernardin may have survived the topple of Old World restaurants, but if they decide to close for good, we won’t see a restaurant of the likes in the city again. So pull a blind eye as you spend those bucks and visit this classic establishment for the wine, for its old-world table service, and most importantly, for that impeccable cuisine.

  1. Fish Cheeks

If what you’re craving is Thai seafood, then this is the place to go with its authentic seafood curries, salads, cocktails and much more, which will take you straight to the streets of Thailand, but with a more refined experience. The menu may not be particularly diverse, but it’s bound to win you over by the end of your meal. After all, it does deliver on its promise of providing palate-pleasing levels of deliciousness.

  1. Marea

Micheal White’s extravagant tribute to the Italian coastline is a worthy opponent on this list. Transport yourself to a seafood trattoria, perched on an Amalfi cliff high above the Mediterranean Sea as you enjoy creative food ranging from ricci (sea urchin) and lardo crostini, cuttlefish tagliatelle and butternut squash crudo, astice (lobster) with burrata and fusilli with braised octopus and bone marrow. With prices ranging from $27 to $44, these dishes are relatively on the lower end. So take advantage of Marea’s enormous menu and maniacal optimism and fill up your bellies with that Italian goodness.

  1. Shuko

Feel like going for Japanese cuisine, but don’t want to think too hard about what to order? Shuko is the place to go for “compact, omakase-only Japanese choice for upscale sushi or more elaborate kaiseki meals.” So if you’re a real sushi lover, order the $175 kaiseki menu and allow chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau to show off their skills with those mouthwatering arrangement of delicate, seasonal composed plates. Be prepared for the heat though as Shuko likes to lay it on hot. And you know it’s bound to be good when they’re brave enough to serve peanut-butter ice cream and sea urchin risotto along with their à la carte servings of nigiri.

  1. Estiatorio Milos

Located in Midtown Manhattan, only a short walk away from Central Park, Broadway, and Times Square, Milos has become the standard bearer for Meditarranean food made from the freshest ingredients. Things are kept interesting as waiters invite the customers to choose their entrée before it’s brought to the kitchen to be prepared. They list prices by the pound so the bill is always a surprise, unless of course you’re a master at guessing weights. The restaurant follows an edict of perfect simplicity and clarity to provide distinct flavors and one of the best fine dining experiences. But of course you’ll have to see it to believe it.

  1. Caviar Russe

The restaurant is known to provide diners with one of the world’s most distinct and esteemed delicacies, caviar. Surprise, surprise! Albeit of course that is not the only indulgence offered. Their culinary team provides a rotating menu described by the Michelin review as “dishes of surprising delicacy and precision, with a pleasing bias towards wonderful seafood and shellfish, such as scallops with ricotta gnudi, or delicious bluefin tuna with uni and asparagus.” This is, hands down, the venue required for when one wishes to indulge in a culinary experience suited for royalty, though only if you’re willing to pay $125 for a three course tasting.

So if you’re ever down in the city and want to treat yourself to some fine dining, make sure to pay a visit to these esteemed seafood eateries.

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