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Munich – Germany’s Lifestyle Capital

Munich, or München (“Home of the Monks”), strains its origins to the Benedictine monastery at Tegernsee, which became likely based in 750 CE. In 1157 Henry the Lion, Duke of Bavaria, granted the monks to set up a marketplace in which the road from Salzburg met the Isar River. A bridge became constructed throughout the Isar the next year, and the market became fortified.

In 1255 Munich have become the home of the Wittelsbach family, which had succeeded to the duchy of Bavaria in 1180. For about 700 years the Wittelsbachs might be related to the city’s destiny. In the early 14th century the primary of the Wittelsbach line of Holy Roman emperors, Louis IV (Louis the Bavarian), expanded the city to the dimensions at which it remained up to the end of the 18th century. Under the Bavarian elector Maximilian I (1597–1651), an effective and powerful ruler, Munich multiplied in wealth and size and prospered till the Thirty Years’ War. It became occupied by the Swedes under Gustav II Adolf (Gustavus Adolphus) in 1632, and in 1634 a deadly disease epidemic resulted withinside the demise of approximately one-third of its population.

Munich – Germany’s Lifestyle Capital – Destination to Emerge into Luxury

Nowadays, lifestyle is very important in Munich. It is probably right down to the clear blue skies or the metropolis’s beauty, however, one thing’s for certain: The people of Munich constantly like to reveal their best side, whether or not they are in a beer garden, or on shopping streets, or in Bayern Munich’s stadium.

Munich – Germany’s Lifestyle Capital
Munich – Germany’s Lifestyle Capital

A metropolis with a massive coronary heart, busy on the one side and yet tranquil. Munich is Munich – Germany’s Lifestyle Capital. And on the pinnacle of all this, it boasts one of the country’s maximum stunning squares: Marienplatz, on the coronary heart of the metropolis and domestic to the Old and New Town Halls. The well-known city hall glockenspiel is as a great deal part of the metropolis’s identification and also Hofbräuhaus beer corridor or Church of Our Lady with its green dome-crested towers. Browsing the stalls of the Viktualienmarkt is an enjoyment for the senses, whilst the posh buying boulevards which include Ludwigstrasse or Maximilianstrasse are designed for people with an appreciation of the finer matters in life.

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