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SENSE – Rooftop Restaurant Athens

Greece – the pinnacle of culture, tradition, historic significance, and most importantly, food. Because if we truly consider an exceptional holiday experience, it remains void and shallow if not embellished with the finest of cuisines, taking your taste buds to a myriad of flavours that cannot be found elsewhere. Surely, Greece is where you will come across several exotic eateries offering a wide range of flavours, making you taste the true essence of its culture.

From a plethora of restaurants, we picked Greece’s best, SENSE.

All about SENSE

SENSE are known for their innovative yet traditional style of cuisine, offering tourists a blend of spices served in the most artistically pleasing ways. Its aesthetic style is not the only speciality of Sense, but one aspect that shoots its rating to the skies is the vibrant atmosphere.

In essence, SEA SENSE and SENSE – Rooftop Restaurant Athens are located in between the areas of two luxury hotels – in Folegandros Island and the centre of Athens respectively. The set locations promise tourists an unparalleled experience as you will get to devour the scrumptious deliciousness of authentic Greek cuisines while enjoying its infrastructural grace concurrently. Make sure you don’t miss it!

The Top Chef

Perhaps one of the most pertinent factors that determine the true quality of any restaurant is the head chef, the brains of cuisine. Sense stays true to its name, integrating the sense of taste and art into its dishes. Behind its magic are the top chef, Alexandros Charalabopoulos, and his team of culinary experts. Together, they have built their reputation of curating striking yet elegant dishes imbued with nuanced flavours – showcasing Greece in all its glory.

Exclusive Fine Dining With A View at SENSE Athens

At Sense Athens, fine dining is not solely limited to elevation and modernity. In fact, it blends culture, modernity, elevation, tradition, and authenticity in one big melting pot so to introduce a state of the art in the food industry.

With Sense Athens, visitors have the opportunity to relish breathtaking views from the rooftop, mainly of the Acropolis Hills, while enjoying delicious food. Visiting Sense Athens during the day is obviously an unforgettable experience, as the sun subtly illuminates the grandeur of the restaurant. However, if you are looking for a romanticized setting, one that is vividly described in classic romance novels, then take our suggestion to visit Sense at night. The night light of the Acropolis imbues the atmosphere with a romantic touch, and together with top-quality food, be prepared for one of the best dine-in experiences of your life!

Parallel to this, SEA SENSE allows tourists to dine alongside the pool of Anemi Hotel – the single five-star hotel in Folegandros. A wonderful meal coupled with a breathtaking view – clearly, Sense offers the most exclusive platform to fully delve into the experience of food because eating is not just confined to ingredients on a plate, but is supplemented with atmosphere, environment, mood, and service quality.

The Chef Special

Every restaurant has a myriad of dishes on its menu that are specially curated to the varying tastes of visitors from all around the world. Some have a knack for intense spices while others prefer the mildness that simplicity brings. However, there is always a dish that remains at the top of the food hierarchy, one that is perfectly induced with just the right amount of flavours catering to the taste buds of every single customer entering that restaurant – the Chef special.

Chefs are artists in the kitchen, mixing a combination of ingredients to produce the taste of life, though the dish that encapsulates the crux of their artistry is the one they recommend. When speaking of Sense, Alexandros Charalambopoulos and his team execute the authentic flavour of Greece in ‘Giouvarlaki’ – a traditional dish full of local flavours tossed on a universally consumed ingredient, fish.

In other words, Sense allows you to taste not only the flavours of Greece but also of those from all around the world.