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Signature Suites From The Dorchester Collection

Signature Suites From The Dorchester Collection is an elite group of luxury hotels, with facilities based across Europe and in the USA. While each individual hotel is part of the Dorchester family, the similarities begin and end here. Each luxury hotel from the collection has been modelled in its own, unique way, inspired by different kinds of architecture and artistic influences. The hotels all share a theme of excellence, in their service and facilities, but the individual branches have all managed to create a brilliant atmosphere of their own.

The Dorchester Collection’s London outlet, located in Park Lane, is an icon of its own, thanks to its simplistic, sleek architecture and proud reputation. The hotel has its own series of signature suites; rooms of the highest level of luxury that you could hope for. These exclusive rooms have their own, characteristically special designs. If you want to have the best travel experience, then be sure to have your travel agent snap up one of these suites for you.

The Eisenhower Suite

The Eisenhower suite is a room rich in both its architecture and history.

The room is named after the US Army General Eisenhower, who stayed in this very room while he planned the Normandy invasion. Old fashioned wooden furniture and sophisticated pieces, such as an oval mirror, can be found thoughtfully placed around the room, inducing a cozy atmosphere.

While the wood-paneled walls around the room have stories of their own to tell, the bathroom is more of a sleek reflection of the modern times. For the convenience and comfort of guests, the suite’s bathroom is lavish and comfortable. This suite is highly sought out for more than just its rich history, though – it has an excellent view of Park Lane. You have access to a beautiful natural scenery, with the trees doubling as a form of protection, providing you with privacy from the outside world.

The Audley Penthouse

Speaking of a great view, the exclusive Audley Penthouse is positioned perfectly to achieve just that. This room is famous for its special, custom made Christian Liaigre four-poster bed, which is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. The en suite bathroom boasts the largest bathtub in the hotel, which you can surround by lovely scented candles for a soothing, re balancing experience. The room itself is a reflection of the modern era, with lavish, luxurious designs and sleek, gleaming furniture.

The Terrace Penthouse

As the name suggests, the Terrace Penthouse is sought out mainly for the sophisticated terrace that comes with it. This suite has a perfectly inviting atmosphere – it’s been designed to mirror a modern wonderland, courtesy of Alexandra Champalimaud, with soft, bright colour schemes, marble, cut-velvet curtains and immaculate, minimalist furniture.

The luxury doesn’t end here, though, not by a long shot.

The bathroom attached to the suite is one of the most impressive of them all – with its Kohler Chromatherapy Riverbath, which livens up your experience with the help of light therapy and soothing natural rhythms, this facility tops the charts for lavish relaxation.

You can gaze out of your terrace to have a lovely view, with delicate, twinkling lights during the evening.

The Oliver Messel Suite

Named after the reputed designer who crafted the room himself, Oliver Messel, this iconic suite is wrapped in glamour and dipped in luxury. Stepping into this room is like entering a royal fantasy – with exquisite panels and colourful doors, silky yellow walls and pillars coated in bronze, the suite has an intense atmosphere which is, simultaneously, impossibly, soothing as well. The large terrace of the 120 metre-squared room provides an excellent view of the classic architecture of Mayfair, following the general theme of the signature suites having spectacular views.

The lavish bathroom attached to this suite is, following the theme of the room, nothing short of captivating itself. As is for the other signature suites, the bathroom of the Oliver Meseel is both unique and glamorous in its own special way. With gold toilet seats, silky cream curtains and light,a welcoming blend of colors, the bathroom earns its place as a beautiful spectacle of its own.

The Harlequin Penthouse

We saved the largest roof suite for last – boasting 152-meter squares of polished wooden floors, this room promises to be your best friend throughout your stay here. The room is themed as minimalist, sleek, and above all, elegant. This has been achieved through the help of large glass windows, marble and onyx tops and sophisticated leather furniture.

The famous pink bathroom inside the suite’s second bedroom was installed specifically for Elizabeth Taylor. With its marvelous pink marble walls and luxurious bathtub, you can see why this bathroom was quite literally fit for a celebrity.

The Harlequin Penthouse is famous for its exclusive private dining experience – its dining room caters to around 8 people, seated around a lavish mahogany table. Here, you and your guests can enjoy a fulfilling candle-lit dinner.

These signature suites have rightfully earned their Presidential status, validating them as some of the most luxurious room options in the world. If you’re heading over to Mayfair, be sure to have your travel agent snap up one of these marvels before someone else does!