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Silversea Cruises Add Three New Ships

Silversea Cruises Add Three New Ships, Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD. Silversea Cruises are both renowned global leaders of luxury cruising. Both companies have played a hand in improving the fine experience of traveling for leisure in their way. Thus, it should come as no surprise that their announcement to collaborate on the development of three new ships for Silversea cruises was met with a significant reception of excitement.

This announcement followed Silversea Cruises’s declaring its decision to join the RLC family. The ultra-luxury brand signed an agreement with renowned German shipbuilder, Meyer Werft.

The ambitious project will feature the development of two new vessels for an entirely new class of luxury cruise ships – to be known as the ‘Evolution Class’. Naturally, this class will bring a fresh set of new leisure facilitates which will redefine luxury travel as we know it.

The design for the third vessel is nothing short of immaculate, either. Silversea further signed a contract with Shipyard De hoop, an accomplished Dutch shipbuilder known for his innovation. This particular ship, named as the Silver Origin, will assume the role of an expedition vessel, and will exclusively serve the luscious Galapagos Island’s itinerary.

Prominent figures of the luxury brands, namely the Executive Chairman Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio and the CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Richard D Fain., shared their enthusiasm for the projects in public statements. The leaders declared their agenda to enhance the growth of the Silver Sea’s brand, to help it realize its ambition and fully express its potential.

The luxury brands have promised to keep the desires of their guests in mind, and in doing so the new vessels will push the boundaries of conventional ultra-luxury traveling and mold their own image of the concept of immersive travel.

Without compromising on leisure facilities or luxurious design, the shipbuilders have also expressed their eagerness to ensure that the new cruise ships are environmentally friendly. A few specific contingencies associated with the agreement are expected to be completed in the coming months. The completion of these will act as a green light for the project and will pave the way forward into a whole new era of luxury cruising.

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