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Stanglwirt combining luxury with state of the art sporting equipment and spaces,Stanglwirtis your ultimate destination to revitalize your body and spirit. The Patrick Kuhnen Tennis Camp and the PBI World Tennis Camp are amongst the top most participated sporting events that are hosted here, supported by an indoor tennis court.

Stanglwirt’s Lipizzanar horses are available not only as an excursion but are supplemented by a riding school for first-timers to learn also.

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Moreover, PGA Tour standard golf training facilities are also at your service so you can enjoy a game at par with any international golf courses in the world. It boasts of 14 different courses and a golf school. The hotel is a sports enthusiast’s sanctum including numerous other sports opportunities including swimming, mountain biking, hunting, skiing, bowling and hiking.

The presence of modern fitness centers also adds to this place’s popularity.

Relish yourself in the culinary wonders of Stanglwirt’s exquisite range of cuisines which are freshly prepared from their very own farms or indulge yourself in the various wellness and spa facilities designed specifically for your mind, body, and soul’s relaxation.