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SUD Lisboa, The Crown Jewel Of Portugal’s Bar Scene

SUD Lisboa, The Crown Jewel Of Portugal’s Bar Scene

In recent times, the naturally gifted landscape of Southern Europe has become the fascination of the tourism world. The friendly climate, sultry coastlines, and the picturesque landscape add handsomely to the proposition of shaping a dream trip for anyone who wants to witness nature at its best. Talking about the southern Europe strip and not mentioning Portugal would be like traveling to Dubai and not giving relevance to the magnificent skyscrapers that adore the land, Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab to name a few. The idea to draw such a comparison is to produce a perspective, signifying the important status that Portugal has achieved within the tourism industry of Europe.

Often labeled as the land of sun, sea, and sand, Portugal has a nature-appreciating persona that has lately transformed and incorporated the rich culture that the country has in store. The jewel of such an immaculate combination is the capital of Lisbon; a city that is at the heart of all the fascinating features adoring Portugal.

The only prime addition that such a formidable proposition for the tourism world needed was a charismatic and creative personality, who had the talent and vision to identify the potential of the charms of a destination like Portugal. Greet Salomé Gorgiladze, the business development director and executive board member of Group SANA. The brand has invested graciously into the tourism channel of the city of Lisbon, giving proof to the belief the group has in turning the city into a significant tourism hub in the region.

Salomé Gorgiladze

There is an array of sublime features associated with the project, but the element that practicality differentiates SUD Lisboa is the glamorous location. Situated at the Avenida Brasília on the riverfront of the historic district of Belém, complimented with the all-embracing sight of the Tagus River, and the engineering marvel of 25 de Abril bridge, the hospitality establishment is designed to impress the most sophisticated of minds.

The stunning location may be a strong suit. Still, when it comes to the top-notch facilities, SUD Lisboa is graced with services designed to cater to the contemporary cosmopolitan standards. The idea was to produce a symbol that embraced the comprehensive hospitality service of the utmost quality, a sentiment echoed in the words of Salomé. “This is the first project that SANA has developed outside hospitality, which we decided on because there was no venue in Lisbon that offered a customized events service making all the clients’ dreams come true,” Salomé expressed.

This prominently shows in the three pillars that hold SUD Lisboa high in the sights of Lisbon; SUD Terazza, SUD Lisboa Hall, and SUD Pool Lounge. The destination is designed by the world-renowned architect Antoine Pinto combining elegance with innovation, a facet clearly visible in the exalted nature of the Terazza and Lisboa Hall complex. “Memorable, magnificent, luxurious yet relaxed, surprising, fashionable, and elegant. These are just some of the words I’d use to describe SUD Lisboa” confirms Salomé. You can dish out your very own elaborate adjectives to define the place, and they all would handsomely complement the destination.


The infrastructure can only be as splendid as the cuisine on offer and Salomé has voiced the sentiment efficaciously. “To complement the Italian-style menu, there is a wide variety of drinks and attentive service, two other key elements that make this hotspot an absolute must,” proclaims the considerate director, and she points it outright. SUD Lisboa Terrazza is a fine definition of combining the stunning spectacle with the food of the highest order. Equipped with the stunning panoramic views and supporting the presence of the enterprising Executive Chef Patrick Lefeuvre, the menu offers the world-famous Mediterranean cuisine, with the Italian flavor of pizzas and pasta at the heart of it. 

Arguably the factor that elevates the status of the destination in the corporate world and ensures that SUD Lisboa is a popular spot not only for tourists but also among the sophisticated professional circles is the SUD Lisboa event hall. The space is an expansive 1,683 square meters spread among two floors with the capability of hosting up to 1,700 guests. The setting is purely glamorous and stunning, further providing a look of formal elegance, making the place an ideal proposition for prestigious events. Also supplemented by the Executive Chef Angel Reyes and his team of professionals well versed in delicacies of the world, the hall is well-placed to bring a world-class cuisine flavor to both national and international events. This has been evident by the string of international events that the destination successfully hosted, be it the launch of OMEGA watches or HBO, or the award ceremony of the E! channel entertainment. The destination has certainly placed Lisbon on the map for hosting class events.


SUD Lisboa has also pressed to elevate the concept of entertainment in the city. The SUD Pool lounge brings the fun idea of combining pool, sun, drinks, and the infinity pool view to Lisbon, evolving and redefining the culture of social interactions in a serene environment, overlooking the pristine Tagus river waters. Elaborate club-life is another undeniable aspect of quality entertainment, and SUD Lisboa ensures that it catches the vibe by organizing live musical performances with a DJ daily from 6 pm to 2 am.


The destination has witnessed resounding success evident by the events and the hustle that it has generated in the beautiful city of Lisbon. However, a personality as creative and ambitious as Salomé Gorgiladze would not dare succumb to stagnancy. “We are now undergoing an enviable phase of consolidation and are ideally positioned to offer a distinctive, versatile, and modern lifestyle to our various types of clients in the vibrant Portuguese capital,” highlights the driving force behind the triumph of the SUD Lisboa. With Salomé at the helm, everything is in sight.

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