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The Best Airline in The World 2018 According to Skytrax

The Best Airline in The World 2018 According to Skytrax whether you are going on a business meeting abroad, or a family holiday, flying with the best airline in the world is a treat. Singapore Airlines, known for its finest first-class offering and impeccable services, has redefined what luxurious relaxation and class means for its passengers.

By introducing premium offerings, hotel room-style suites designed by a French luxury yacht designer named Jean-Jacques Coste, and other improvements in its service and products, Singapore Airlines has been voted as the best airline in the world in 2018 by Skytrax.

Below is a list of what makes Singapore Airlines the best.

Comfort Par Excellence

For all those passengers traveling on long journeys comfort is essential. Understanding the need for quality rest on its longer routes, Singapore Airlines started offering luxury flat beds on its Airbus A380 in 2007. Its first-class comes with private suites, comfortable seats and even separate beds, as well as sliding doors for privacy.

The complementary Ferragamo toiletries and Givenchy pajamas, as well as delicious meals like the Lobster Thermidor, definitely add a luxurious touch to the whole traveling experience.


Singapore Airlines aims to make its service the most convenient and hassle-free for its passengers. It offers four daily flights from London to Sydney and five weekly flights from Manchester, all scheduled at convenient times of the day. It also flies via the Changi Airport in Singapore, which is a destination in itself. Passengers can enjoy the feel of a mall, beautiful gardens, and comfortable lounges during their transit.

Service That Begs Applaud

Singapore Airlines has the friendliest and most helpful service available onboard. The crew is even trained to support parents who are traveling with kids and provide passengers with the most incredible service. It is the best value for your money.

It goes the extra mile for training its recruits for four months about flight etiquettes, cultural sensitivity as well as the exquisite food and wine collection onboard.

Known for the comfort, convenience, and service that it offers, Singapore Airlines is no doubt the number one in the world.

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