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The Coveted Boca Do Lobo’s Ring Filigree Mirror

The art of craftsmanship is as old as human history itself. The brilliance of the human mind and the desire to own the most coveted of things led to new heights in craftsmanship, with various techniques being evolved to satiate the ever-increasing demands. One such fascinating approach is Filigree which has found its way in the contemporary works of art and craft. The jewelry technique makes generous use of gold and silver in the shape of beads and threads. The intricate combination of the two is then artistically achieved by soldering them with an alloy on the surface of the gold or silver object, creating a sensational pattern.

The Origin of Ring Filigree

The Boca Do Lobo Ring Filigreed Mirror pays homage to the scintillating art of filigree. Portugal has a rich history with this technique, and Boca Do Lobo has made an effort to acknowledge that in its Ring Filigree Mirror. Moreover, it is a show of respect to the ancient expertise in the art of craftsmanship which not only looks mesmerizing but also adds value to the flourishing works of the artisans. Normally when you perceive filigree, your mind would look for a small dazzling piece of jewelry complimented by intricate design; however, the mirror is a delightful contradiction and presents new meaning to the luxury interior of a household.

Features of The 18k Gold Mirror

Staying true to the filigree theme, the mirror is conceived by dexterously soldering the tiny beads and twisted threads in artistic motifs. The round frame is generously composed of 18 karat gold to give the true exquisite look. The design includes the brass cords gilded with the gold to provide a luxurious finish to the edges. The pattern takes the form of a coherent network of brass cords entwined delightfully in a lace, which is further illuminated by the graceful shine of the gold decorating the mirror. The detailed jewelry expression incentivized by the Filigree technique certainly makes the mirror a unique addition to any interior. The glimpse of the silvery shine of the glass between the intricate patterns further enhances the overwhelming impression of the Ring Filigree Mirror.

The mirror is also customizable with the brass cords gilded in silver, so that is another option for the people who have an inclination to the unique silvery finish. The polished finish of the brass cords certainly adds to the brilliant spherical mirror surrounded by the frame. The dimension stands at 124 cm. The hammering and polishing applied to the materials are as crafty as the elaborate pattern embracing the mirror.

The handcrafted Ring Filigree Mirror is a manifestation of Boca Do Lobo commitment towards successfully marrying the ancient craftsmanship practices with contemporary technology.  The mirror makes full use of the delicacy of the skill involved in the rich Filigree technique and incorporates it expertly into the gold plated mirror. It fulfills the promise of the brand to furnish your interior with the contemporary designs that add to value of with both luxury and craftsmanship of the highest order.

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