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The First Chateau De Versailles EDM Party

The First Chateau De Versailles EDM Party has stood proudly as an architectural marvel built in the mid17th-century, as a testament to the power of the French monarchy at the time. For years, the extravagant building has played host to some of the most remarkable avant-garde art and music festivals held in honor of the French royalty.

The Chateau De Versailles has played witness to some of the most important events in French history, such as the French Revolution and the end of the World War. Following this pattern further, the immaculate foundation recently played host to its very first EDM show – marking a new special moment in French history.

The palace invited some of the finest stars in the French-electro scene to perform at the EDM show, on the 8th of June, which included Breakbot x Irfane, P, Myd and So Me along with four renowned electronic DJ professionals.

The hot, highly anticipated event was hosted by Busy P, a DJ who treats music as art, and was the former manager of the famous Daft Punk.

The DJs delivered an excellent performance at the foot of the palace’s infamous Hall of Mirrors, which is strategically located such that it overlooks the immaculate French gardens. These artfully groomed gardens were transformed beyond recognition, as they were morphed into an enormous, vibrant dance-floor. The four-hour rave is undoubtedly the most elegant festival to have been hosted this year.

While the EDM show being hosted at the Château de Versailles for the very first time is a spectacular historical event in its own right, the event organizers stressed on a deeper purpose behind the palace rave – the electrified evening was to commemorate the Versailles tradition of the Sun King’s first festivals, as well as to establish the palace as a historical preserver of French electro’s intimacy.

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