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The Future Of Property Viewing After COVID 19

The real estate business has seen a major hit to the fortunes in the shape of the novel COVID-19. The luxury properties that had potential buyers swarming over the prospect of acquiring them for their elaborate plans are now witnessing a barren stretch. The whole estate business has traditionally been based on the coherent interaction of the buyers and the agents, and it was only natural that even such a large market would face dire consequences in the face of the strict lockdowns.

However, after the idea came to the shore that the pandemic is there to remain for some time, the opinion making ground is to adapt to the unfortunate reality and resume the regular pre-COVID routine, albeit with a renewed perspective. The world economy is bracing to open its gates after a trying shutdown, and the real estate businesses are willing to adjust to the new normal with its own share of improvisation concerning property viewing after COVID 19.

The prospect of the virtual exhibition of properties was already in practice, and the present dilemma has furthered its claim. Technologically adept companies were already providing their services in the domain of the virtual house tours, floor plans, CGI and photography for property agents. With their expertly customized camera rig designed with a superb focus on the functionality, provided equipment designed to fulfill the essentials of the virtual property tour industry. It fashions an experience where the buyer can peak into even the minor details while property viewing after COVID and hence evaluate to make a decision from the comfort of his home. The inspection crews of such companies are well-equipped to visit and fashion a 360 virtual tour of any property for the relevant parties.

Matterport is an example of a virtual touring service that has seen a significant rise in demand after the plans surfaced of re-opening the economic activities with certain operating standards. With the new constraints on interaction with the surroundings and people, it was imperative that the companies designed a novel approach to resoundingly answer the property viewing after COVID-19 conundrum.

The shrewd focus on health and wellness has compelled businesses to incorporate a refined strategy that is compatible with the safety standards introduced by the governments as a part of the recommencement phase. The real estate market has also responded to this proposition amicably. Reevo 360 has developed the safety hazmat suits to accompany their crew as part of the health safety protocols. The state-of-the-art gear consists of an invulnerable body garment professionally equipped with protective face masks and goggles to add a further level of protection. The hazmat protective gear is carefully designed, keeping in the focus the potential danger posed to the health of the crew members when working in a vulnerable environment. This call for action strategy is going to become the cornerstone of the economic sphere, as the world looks towards a future that ascertains health as the core focus of every activity.

The whole protective gear may resemble that of a professional surgeon but paints an honest picture of the current times. The COVID-19 has shifted the emphasis on health and careful social mingling, and the world has to adjust to this new regime. The real estate businesses were already practicing the domain of virtual showing with its 360-degree style. This theme emphatically resonates with the current discouragement of social interaction as it presents a solid platform to engage the customers in the affairs of the real estate. Moreover, the development of certain health ensuring protocols is certainly required to conform to the standard operating procedures that are being employed by the governments worldwide. Hence, property viewing after COVID rests in the careful amalgamation of the cutting edge technology and effective health safety measures.

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