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The Hills Lodge Deluxe

The Hills Lodge Deluxe

Outdoor dream landscapes and spectacular sculptures, inside reduced lines and modern luxury, is how Hill’s golf resort got the attention of connoisseurs, nature lovers, and architects in New Zealand.

Michael Hill not only has a golden hand as a jeweler. The international place at Arrowtown on New Zealand’s South Island has been expanded so professionally that the New Zealand Open was held there in 2007. Hill’s decision to integrate the clubhouse harmoniously into the landscape would also be rewarded. Architect Andrew Patterson received a national award for his spectacular design with the concrete roof covered with grass.

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Hill’s next mission is to make his art collection publicly available. So he placed monumental sculptures on the green and adorned the clubhouse with installations and paintings. To give visitors more leisure to look at, he planned another coup: a luxury lodge with six suites, a wine cellar, spa, a private chef for the distinguished guests. From the outside, the buildings are reminiscent of a farmhouse; inside it is all the more elegant—the finest parquet floor, designer furniture, and sculptures from Hills art collection. The colors hold back, as do the furnishings. However, there is no shortage of sofas and armchairs because guests should be able to enjoy the breathtaking view of New Zealand’s nature without distraction and in peace.

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Emporium-Magazine-The Hillslodge-Neuzeeland Emporium-Magazine-The Hillslodge-Neuzeeland

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