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The Inn At Little Washington Donning Mannequin Culture For The Re-Opening

Apparently, donning your fancy restaurant with a polite and glamorous mannequin is becoming the next big thing. This is evident from the out of the box thinking from The Inn at Little Washington. The novel inspiration comes from the culture of improvisation that the COVID-19 has instilled in the business worldwide to keep the music going on among the harsh climate.

Being a prestigious 3-star rated Michelin restaurant, The Inn at Little Washington menu offers an exquisite dining experience for the guests. However, after the pandemic struck lockdown and focus on social distancing, the restaurants had to cease their operations. Now, with an expected re-opening phase looming over the heads, the restaurant had to contemplate on the potential brilliant ideas to fashion a truly sublime experience for the diners that simultaneously adhered to the adjoining health safety protocols. This prompted The Inn’s chef and proprietor Patrick O’Connell and his team to come up with their ingenious mannequin plan.

The team has shown commitment with their plan as the professionally acquired the services of The Signature Theatre in Arlington to dress up their mannequins. The idea is not only a step to abide by the 50 percent occupancy rule of the health safety protocols adopted by the state, but is also an attempt to furnish a fulfilling experience for the diners as the half-filled accommodation would have looked bland and out of taste with the elegant ambience of the restaurant. Hence, the mannequins are not just there donning the fashionably fancy attire of the 1940s but are also presenting a narrative to give meaning to the whole surrounding. With a man nervously proposing to his girlfriend and the barrage of stares from the room trying to perceive what is going on, the whole scene creates a meaning which symbolizes the mood of the dining.

The whole mannequin culture comes as a response to the COVID-19 restriction imposed on the business with social interaction termed as a big no. However, with the plans in motion to bring a semblance of normality back, the re-opening phase has prompted the The Inn at Little Washington to gear up with this new normal. The Inn’s mannequin adaption is a response to this process. The grand opening on the 29th May would allow the restaurant to provide their diners with purposeful restaurant experience. Enjoying your food among the company of the unique ‘new guests’ is undoubtedly not a proposition you would have seen before.

The Inn at Little Washington lunch is still not a possibility, however, if you want to make a reservation for dinner, you can contact our luxury concierge services.

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