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The Perfect Beach Look for Summer

A trip to the beach is almost everyone’s redemptive spot – to unwind, catch up with family and friends, or just spend some alone time in nature’s best company. Though the intentions behind beach visits might differ, one thing is for certain – we all want to be as comfortable. But, you can still make a bold fashion statement.

Take cues from the perfect beach look for summer to look chic, fashionable, AND comfortable on the beach.

Maygel Coronel Capri Ruffled Bandeau Bikini

If we are talking about one of Greece’s top beaches, you surely need to make an exclusive fashion statement while maintaining your comfort level. Needless to say, Maygel Coronel’s luxury swimwear ruffled bikini is the perfect choice for all those searching for luxury in simplicity. Drenched in a soothing pink tone and designed to make you stand out of crowd yet remain minimalistic, your experience will elevate to an unforgettable level. The one-colour splash and ruffled design offer the perfect blend of modernity and simplicity – the crux of Greek culture.

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Envelope 1979 – Paros One-Shoulder Recycled Swimsuit

Envelope 1979 • Paros

Fashion these days is not solely confined under the umbrella of visual aesthetics, in fact, it goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. Having said that, the one-shouldered recycled swimsuit is the perfect example of style and usefulness. Drenched in black, its sleek design sits delicately on the body, laced with a touch of mysteriousness that the depth of darkness reflects. If black is your colour and sustainability your choice, this is the one for you.

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BFYNE Swimwear – Evie Top x Evie Bottom

Contrary to conventional beauty standards, fashion and style come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. There is no rule to fashion, everyone can wear anything and make the boldest statement out there. Particularly, BFYNE swimwear offers beautifully designed swimsuits catering to all sizes, from which one specifically caught our eye. The Evie top x Evie bottom two-piece swimsuit is an exuberant fusion of colours melted onto a uniquely crafted design that drapes gracefully on any body type.

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Cult Gaia – Antonella button-detailed ribbed-knit coverup

If you are someone who prefers standing out from the crowd with a unique fashion statement, then Cult Gaia’s Antonella button ribbed knit swimsuit is the one for you. What’s particularly mesmerizing about this outfit is how it can be styled in accordance with different events. From a casual outdoor lunch to a day at the beach, its pink hue and slim-fit stitching serve as a multi-purpose swimsuit that appears not too bold or too dull.

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Johanna Ortiz – Cape Of Good Bottoms x Singing Waves Bikini Top

Johanna Ortiz • Cape Of Good Bikini Bottom x Singing Waves Bikini Top

Inspired by Baru Island – a top-notch Columbian resort, Johanna Ortiz curated a detailed rustic swimsuit that delivers the core of femininity in a sensual frame. Clearly, the ruched detailing adorning the crevices of both sides provides evidence of the designer’s exemplary craft and attentive detailing. Wearing this, there is no doubt that you will be the centre of attention – with grace, class, and an impeccable sense of style.

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Ultra Violette Skin Screen

When thinking about the ‘perfect beach look’, subconsciously, all that occupies our mind is the right swimsuit. However, you cannot look your best if your skin is not being taken care of under the scorching summer heat of Greek beaches, regardless of how flawless your swimsuit may look. To solve that, we suggest Ultra Violette’s skin screen, which applies smoothly on the skin and replicates the finish of a BB cream; instead, it also protects your skin from internal and external damage.

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Acetate Sunglasses

While on a holiday, everyone is allowed to have a little fun outside of their standard ways. Thus, suggesting serious eyewear would be too boring in this context for if your swimsuit is bold enough, then why not supplement it with a funky colourful pair of sunglasses? It’s a rule of thumb – the bolder the better when on vacation!

Some of our favourites are from Celine which you can buy here.