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The Perfect Mountain Retreat Exists – Our Unforgettable Experience at Hotel Ambet in South Tyrol


As fervent advocates for the beauty and serenity of mountain landscapes, we believe that a stay at the Alpine Lifestyle Hotel Ambet in South Tyrol is a must for anyone seeking a tranquil escape. Nestled high above the intersection of two valleys (Pustertal and Eisacktal), this charming mountain hideaway offers breathtaking views and an unparalleled experience that left us rejuvenated and inspired. Yet, words alone can’t capture the magic of this place, so we’ve included are series of images to convey the true essence of our experience.

The Hotel Ambet Experience – A Charming Mountain Hideaway 

Escape from the Hustle and Bustle

We often find it hard to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and leave behind our projects and worries. For those who feel the same, we found the perfect spot where you can truly disconnect and unwind: the Alpine Lifestyle Hotel Ambet. Perched high on the mountain, with stunning views in every direction, this hotel is a haven of peace and tranquility.

image: Hannes Niederkofler

Why We Love Hotel Ambet 

The Ultimate Mountain Holiday With Unparalleled Views and Fresh Mountain Air

As mountain lovers who frequently visit South Tyrol, we were particularly struck by the extraordinary views from Hotel Ambet. The hotel overlooks two valleys: the Pustertal to the east and Eisacktal (with the city Brixen) to the south. The fresh mountain air at over 1500 meters above sea level is invigorating and adds to the sense of escape.

image: Hannes Niederkofler

A Family-Run Gem in the Mountains

One of the standout features of Hotel Ambet is its family-run charm. Far from the crowds and commotion, this small yet refined Alpine lifestyle hotel offers a warm, personal touch. The family who runs the hotel ensures that every guest feels at home, with super friendly and attentive staff. The hotel’s intimate size creates a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere where all guests are known by name.

Rooms at Hotel Ambet – Tradition Meets Modern Comfort

The rooms at Hotel Ambet are designed to be simple, pure, warm, and cozy, with plenty of wood that gives off a lovely scent the moment you enter. The room invites you to relax and make yourself comfortable.

images: Astrid M. Obert; bottom right: Hannes Niederkofler

Various suites are available, such as the Lifestyle Suite with a private hot-spring whirlpool on the balcony and the Love Suite designed for couples. Each of these suites offers stunning views of the valley and mountains, ensuring the beauty of the landscape accompanies you throughout your stay.

images: top: Hannes Niederkofler; bottom: Astrid M. Obert

Spa and Wellness for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Spa and Wellness Facilities at Hotel Ambet

The spa and wellness area at Hotel Ambet features clear lines and natural materials like wood and glass, creating an environment of calm and relaxation. The indoor pool and sauna world, including a Finnish sauna, are perfect for unwinding. The wellness area on the third floor offers breathtaking mountain views, and the panorama sauna is so captivating that you’ll want to spend the rest of your day there to enjoy the scenery!

image: Astrid M. Obert

The Rooftop Terrace – A Wellness Oasis

images: Astrid M. Obert

The rooftop terrace at Hotel Ambet is a wellness oasis. With a fire pit and lounge area, it’s perfect for relaxing, drinking tea, reading, and unwinding during the day. In the evening, enjoy a drink by the fire and soak in the atmosphere.

image: Hannes Niederkofler

The terrace is also an ideal spot for sunbathing, offering plenty of space to stretch out and bask in the sun. Heated sun loungers and sky beds provide a comfortable spot to catch some rays. The loungers are perfectly positioned to capture the best of the day’s sunlight, making it easy to relax and enjoy the warmth. The panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys provide a stunning backdrop as you bask in the sun, enhancing the experience of tranquility and peace.

images: Astrid M. Obert

The highlight for us was the infinity sky pool, offering an unmatched panoramic view. We spent hours gazing into the distance, completely losing track of time. 

We got up early in the morning to seize the moment of solitude and take a photo for you. It was magical how the morning mist reflected in the large window, with steam from the heated pool hanging in the air.

image: Astrid M. Obert

Perfect Hotel for an Active Vacation in South Tyrol

Hotel Ambet’s location is ideal for a mix of relaxation and activity, making it the perfect destination for an active vacation in all seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Whether you’re biking, hiking, or skiing, the hotel’s mountain position allows for easy access to diverse natural landscapes.

We visited in late spring, but Hotel Ambet is also one of the best hotels in South Tyrol for skiing during the winter season. With direct access to the slopes, you can put on your skis at the doorstep in the morning and glide directly from the hotel to the Gitschberg-Jochtal ski area. After a day of skiing, you can ski back to the hotel entrance in the late afternoon, making it incredibly convenient. After an exhausting day on the slopes, you can unwind in the wellness area, enjoying the perfect end to an active day.

images: top left: Astrid M. Obert; rest: Hannes Niederkofler

If you’re staying longer and missing the city flair, Brixen is just a stone’s throw away (about 25 minutes by car), and Bolzano can be reached in an hour. There’s definitely something for every taste.

A Taste of South Tyrol – Delightful Cuisine at Hotel Ambet

Breakfast and Afternoon Treats

We haven’t even talked about one of the most important things yet: the food. As big breakfast lovers, we were thrilled with the breakfast buffet, which left no wishes unfulfilled. In the mornings, a small newsletter with organized hikes and tips awaited us on the table – ensuring that guests are informed about all upcoming activities of the week.

In the afternoons, a variety of sweets and cakes, like apple strudel with vanilla sauce, were offered. These delicious treats were perfect for satisfying our sweet tooth and complemented our afternoon coffee wonderfully.

Dinner Delights

image: Hannes Niederkofler

Dinner at Hotel Ambet featured changing dishes and a large salad buffet to start. I don’t know how Italians do it, but every time I cross the Italian border, I’m reminded that this country has a knack for turning simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces. Highlights included creamy burrata, grey cheese risotto, baked green asparagus with Bolzano sauce, lasagna bolognese, potato gnocchi, tender venison goulash and juicy salmon fillet with spinach. In addition, there was a delicious selection of desserts that satisfied our sweet cravings, such as the yogurt cream with mango heart and almond crunch. 

The wine selection was extensive, including local wines. We also loved enjoying an aperitivo in the Panorama-Bar before dinner, which became a delightful routine during our stay.

images: top: Hannes Niederkofler; bottom: Astrid M. Obert

Final Reflections on Our Stay

As we packed our bags and prepared to leave Hotel Ambet, we couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible experience we had. The serene environment, the breathtaking views, and the warm hospitality left us feeling refreshed and deeply connected to the beauty of the mountains. Hotel Ambet is a place to let your soul relax, enjoy the stunning views, and lose yourself in the tranquility of the mountains. Whether you’re in the pool gazing at the panorama or exploring the surrounding nature, a stay at Hotel Ambet guarantees relaxation and rejuvenation. For mountain lovers, it’s the perfect retreat. And if you haven’t tried a mountain vacation yet, this is your sign to start with Hotel Ambet.

image: Astrid M. Obert

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