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Trunk House Tokyo Japan-Designed with Style

Trunk House Tokyo Japan-Designed with Style

In a secluded backstreet in Tokyo’s main Kagurazaka community, the Trunk House Tokyo Japan offers the best of both worlds- the Japanese traditionalism and the European hospitality.
Luxury Hotels Japan one-suite wonder, the ideal micro-hotel provides its quest probably the world’s smallest karaoke-disco-bar, an open cooking area including a dining room with a personal chef that will fulfill all your gourmet desires. From Japanese dishes to official French cuisine- the chef is here to make it possible. Previously being a typical Ryotei restaurant and a geisha method space, the wood residence is now a perfect mix between the past and the present. Initial black walls, tea sets by Tom Sachs, the eating furniture, couch and side table by Stephen Kenn, the lighting components by Jean Prouve- everything designed with style to boast enjoyment and enhance the amazing ambiance.
Outside the guests can stroll the slim roads of an Edo Period district now called “a little Kyoto in Tokyo”

Trunk House, Tokyo, Japan-Designed with Style
Trunk House Tokyo


Trunk House Japan is designed to boost the Japanese tradition and playful modern items. A personal butler is at your disposal to take care of all your needs. An open kitchen, dining area, a bedroom, a living area, a tatami area, and 2 toilets are provided to enjoy and relax. On the entrance, there is a tea set from Tom Sachs and a Sento (Japanese public bath) inspired bathroom with oversized Hinoki wood bathtub and tile painting by Masumi Ishikawa. Luxury Hotels Tokyo minibar is equipped with carefully selected local and homemade goodies. A traditional Irori and Tatami mattress is provided to enhance the Japanese hospitality.

Trunk House Tokyo


Tokyo, the capital of Luxury Destinations Japan has a lot to offer to tourists. The insight in a different culture, the mix of traditional and modern living presented differently to what we are used to. The culture and self-respect that has its roots in history, mixed with the fast pace of modern living- this is the experience that you do not want to miss. Of course, you have to try the national cuisine in some of the Tokyo restaurants and visit the museums to make the experience lived to perfection.

Trunk House Tokyo 005
Trunk House Tokyo


The best time to visit luxury destinations Tokyo is during March and April and October and November. These months during fall and autumn are the best for sightseeing and everything is in blossom.

For reservation at Trunk House Tokyo Japan please refer at Emporium-Spa

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