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What to do in Bavaria, Germany


Bavaria, the largest of the 16 German states, is a desirable destination for luxury travel. Known for its beer, sausages, and Oktoberfest, Bavaria has a lot more to offer to tourists exploring all its beautiful places.


Munich, the capital of Germany, where the beer is fantastic, is home of the world-famous Oktoberfest, which is a celebration of local beers and German specialty foods. Skating on the Olympic ice rink is one of the attractions as the promenade of Marienplatz.

Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second-largest city with its history dating back in the 11th century. It is usually linked to World War II. Serving as a site of many pre-war Nazi rallies, nearly leveled by Allied bombing, and the site of famous post-war Nuremberg trials.

Germany’s highest mountain Zugspitze, lies south of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, on the Austrian border. It offers impressive glacier-top skiing with almost 75miles of downhill runs of all difficulty levels and also 68miles of cross-country trails, a terrain park, and Germany’s first superpipe.

Apart from the big cities, for the Bavarian countryside and the charming villages deep in the Bavarian land, where you can know the hospitality of people and their national cuisine, we will need days and days to describe. So we will leave it up to you to visit and to discover.

If you love to visit the Royal palaces, Bavaria has King Ludwig II of Bavaria. His royal residences are breathtaking, designed for enjoyment, and the monuments of the history.


There a variety of luxurious hotels that offer all the amenities in Bavaria, Germany. You only have to decide to stay in a big city, in the countryside or in the ski center.

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The national cuisine in Bavaria is something that you have to try. Domestic beer and sausages are something that is known all over the world, but Bavaria has some other national specialties served in restaurants and hotels. Bread dumplings with mushroom sauce, for example, are a traditional food served in almost every Bavarian home. With the recipe from mothers and grandmothers, it found its place in traditional cuisine in Bavaria.

Bavaria has a lot to offer to tourists from all around the world. Luxury hotels and restaurants, places to visit, skiing, so this is a desirable destination, and about 40 million tourists visit Bavaria every year.

A holiday full of adventures, so pack your suitcase, book your trip, and there you are.

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