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World’s First Floating Resort-Luxury on Water

World’s First Floating Resort-Luxury on Water

Seagate Shipyard, an Emirati ship-building company, builds the world’s first floating resort- luxury on water known as Sea Palace. The company that is specialized in an on-water building previously launched floating glass boat homes.

Seagate Shipyard

The Sea Palace luxury resort will be stationed in Dubai, which becomes a synonym for luxury and a vacation destination over the last decade. This extravagant hotel will be the only floating luxurious resort in operation in the world.

“I believe this type of project will create a boom in the tourism field,” Mohammed El Bhawravi, founder of Seagate Shipyard and the project owner, told Lonely Planet in a statement, and he added that it is in the last stage of construction.


Its design will also be unique- one main hotel surrounded by six floating houses- all of them can be detached and float independently. The resort will feature transparent flooring. The furniture will be in signature by Aston Martin and besides all the luxury amenities that will make your stay a once-a-life experience. The company aims to make it an eco-friendly alternative to other on-water similar projects; the property will come equipped with automatic smart systems, self-sterilizing air filters, solar energy panels, and onboard garbage recycling systems.

The Sea palace is yet to be opened, and the exact open date is not released.

World’s First Floating Resort-Luxury on Water(Photo: Seagate Shipyard/Facebook)

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