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The advent of luxury wristwatches has seen an era of creative genius by brands that have introduced their unique artistry and love for the trade to the finest rocks that the earth has to offer. Here, we take a peek at the releases this year that have taken the art of extravagant watchmaking up another notch.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Curve Flying Tourbillion Poinçon de Genève

Louis Vuitton has garnered recognition for its highly distinguishable mechanical technology when it comes to its elaborative range of watches. One distinct specimen is the Spin Time Complication incorporated in its versions released last year. However, this year has seen the brand showcasing its dexterity with the material wristwatches are made of. Of prime example is the release of Louis Vuitton Tambour Curve Flying Tourbillion Poinçon de Genève. The design features the distinct Tambour case 46mm diameter at the base and slopes inward to 42mm diameter at the bezel. The case is made prominent by a thickness of 12.75 mm and is composed of a proprietary carbon-fiber composite called CarboStratum, a 100 sheet carbon fiber, heated and molded into the finesse expected of Louis Vuitton. The shimmering silky patterns entrench the design and are concluded with the titanium lugs.5 Collector’s Item Watches You Will See In 2020

The watch has a glamorous jewelry version furnished with a total of 354 diamonds weighing in at a total of 4.22 carats; further enhanced by the gleaming signature Louis Vuitton branded brilliance.

Escale Spin Time Météorite from Louis Vuitton

The watch touched by the heavens; Louis Vuitton’s’ Escale Spin Time suits the idea that the meteorite trend is the way to go. The watch is the sumptuous combination of the unconventional yet playful mode of design illuminated by the exclusive nature of the famed Gibeon meteor, whispering its million years old story. The Escale Spin Time release comes in a 41 mm titanium case with satin-finished black PVD. The silver of the heavenly dial is not the only glowing element of the watch as the 18-karat pink gold bezel presents its version of the sparkle that enriches the look. Louis Vuitton’s’ signature Spin Time introduces its unique flavor to the already polished piece, with a single arm protruding the present hour in gold while the grey conceals the other eleven. The celestial timekeeping has never been better.5 Collector’s Item Watches You Will See InCartier Maillon de Cartier Watch

The incorporation of fascinating shapes with the luxury of jewelry watches has been the hallmark of Cartier, and this watch is a testament to this fact. The bracelet watch has been imbued with a shape that gives true meaning to the smoothness of motion on your wrist, the rectangles have been carefully caressed into a pattern that looks like an excerpt from fluid geometry. The case has been skillfully sculptured into a hexagonal bezel and carefully shaped in a way that it perfectly dances with the cadence of the bracelet.5 COLLECTIOR'S ITEM WATCHES YOU WILL SEE IN 2020

Cartier has exercised extreme care with the dial, the classic silvery finish further accompanied by the vintage touch of Roman Numerals, ensuring that it conforms to the glamour of the watch. It is capped off by the sleek case measuring 16mm by 17mm embezzled with diamonds in some of the versions in the Cartier Maillon collection. The variants introduce their flavor with the artistic combination of diamonds with the color schemes, namely white, pink & gold. Yet the case remains polished like the clearest of the mirrors. The hexagonal case and the bracelet are crowned with 301 dazzling diamonds equaling 4.84 carats, further accompanied by the 96 tsavorites on the bracelet giving it a truly majestic finish.

Dior Grand Soir Reine Des Abeilles Watch

Dior’s refined creativity is at the heart of the display in the Grand Soir watches that are the true definition of sophistication. Everything associated with the watch is truly grand; classic design, intricate bezel & a shimmering dial. The 36mm elaborative case and finely shaped bezel are skillfully decorated with round snowy diamonds, proudly housing a polished yellow gold bee. The dial arms fade in the face of the signature bee but still compliment the sumptuous outlook with the shiny greyish finish. The diamonds are finely cut in round, triangle & pear shape and are accompanied by 18-karat yellow gold. The bee has been entrenched in yellow, white, and pink gold in the variants of the collection, which has quartz movement at the center. Hence, if you are looking for a vintage watch, adorned with the luxury of fine diamonds, then the Dior Grand Soir Reine Des Abeilles is the answer.5 Collector’s Item Watches You Will

Graff Peony Diamond Secret Watch

Graff has made its watchmaking creative genius evident with its Peony Diamond Secret watch. The intricate floral design at the heart of the watch is not only the pride of this magnificent piece but also has a secret to share. Many would certainly label the lustered 380 custom-cut diamonds as its coveted secret, and we don’t disagree with the opulent feel that the 30.86 carats diamonds imbue to the watch. However, the real secret that the central Peony flower has to offer is the imperial diamond pavé dial, transforming the finely crafted herringbone diamond bracelet with a remarkable design into a scintillating piece of watch for your wrists.5 Collector’s Item Watches You Will See In 2020

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